Goal Setting

2016-2017 SRST Team Goals

2016-2017 is slated to be a year of growth and competitive improvement.  I have a few big goals for the team:

  1. All swimmers on the team have written goals and have their times memorized.

  2. All swimmers on the team reach one level higher in performance level in at least one event this season.This means all Bronze Level Swimmers become Silver…all Silver make Gold…all Gold make PNS…etc.

  3. I would like to see PNS qualified relays in every age group and gender.This is going to be especially hard in our 13-14 ranks as we have low numbers in that category.

  4. I would like to see Senior Sectional (Speedo Champions Series) relays for both men and women.

  5. We should place in the top 15 at PNS Champs in the summer.

  6. Our team size should grow to 130 swimmers; recruit a friend!

  7. We should average 75% swim meet participation.

  8. Improve group attendance averages to 70%.

  9. Have 4 swimmers qualify for the NCSA Junior Nationals in Florida.

  10. Have 1 swimmer qualify for Olympic Trials.

  11. Make more friends on the team than ever before.

  12. Have more fun on the team than ever before.

SWIMMERS:  What are your goals?  You should have goals and dreams that excite you.  You have the power within you to do amazing things this year.  It’s time to start believing.  Hard work over time in connection with BELIEF is a strong combination.  Swimming is an amazing sport; it transforms our minds and our bodies.  As a coaching staff we believe strongly in our swimmers and their ability to achieve amazing results.  Our job as coaches is to help our swimmers develop their belief system and embrace the day-to-day process of personal development.