Senior Sectionals 2018

2018 Senior Sectionals July 11-15, 2018

SRST is proud to be attending this championship meet in Gresham Oregon.  This will be a team trip lead by Coach Ben and Coach Kaela and to be announced chaperones.

1)  Have individual qualifying time or relay assignment**.

2)  Swimmers will be in team uniform throughout competition (full sweats + red shirt + team caps, etc.).
3)  Swimmers must abide by code of conduct.  This is a serious competition and not a vacation.  With that philosophy as the backdrop, it will be a ton of fun.

(The follow applies to 13 and over swimmers only)

  • Make any of the relay time cuts (200/400/800) divided by 4 and you can go.  You can divide either the SCY or LCM relay qualifying times....either works.
  • The relays will be the fastest 4 swimmers or 8 swimmers (if there is a "B").  This means swimmers attending based on this relay criteria are not guaranteed to actually be in a relay.
  • I will keep all the times and commitments posted so people know how fast the other swimmers are and who is committed to the trip.  I'll have a web page for this.
  • While a swimmer can qualify via yards or meters relay times listed below the actual relay placements will be based on LC times from 2018.  Also coaches will have final say and can subjectively place a slower swimmer into a relay.  This may happen if a faster swimmer is sick or injured or out of condition from missing too many workouts, going on vacation, etc.



200 F.R. in meters for Women [Q TIME: 1:59.29] 29.82
Macy Fidler 28.00
Kendall Bensen 28.79
Annie Woodrum 29.09
Riley Fidler 29.10
Total: 1:54.98
Angella Kim 29.11
Bea Obaob 29.42
Jersey Razzano 29.57
Parker Hoppe 30.46
Total: 1:58.27
200 F.R. in meters for Men [Q TIME: 1:46.89] 26.72
Ethan Ahrendt 25.26
Sean Nguyenle 25.64
Dan Eno 26.39
Zach Cermak 26.41
Total Time: 1:43.70
400 F.R. in meters for Women [Q TIME: 4:17.29] 1:04.32
Riley Fidler 1:01.93
Jersey Razzano 1:04.26
Kendall Bensen 1:04.67
TBD by Friday!!!!!!! 1:04.44
Total Time: 4:14.91
400 F.R. in meters for Men [Q TIME: 3:54.59] 58.64
Ben Howard 56.44
Ethan Ahrendt 56.59
Dan Eno 56.73
Zach Cermak 57.56
Total Time: 3:47.32
Sean Nguyenle 58.21
800 F.R. in meters for Women 2:20.42
800 F.R. in meters for Men [Q TIME: 8:43.99] 2:10.99
Ethan Ahrendt 2:08.89
Nathan Miller 2:09.44
Jeff Plum 2:10.93
Sean Nguyenle 2:11.37
Total Time: 8:40.63
200 M.R. in meters for Men [Q TIME: 1:59.69]  
BACK - Jeff Plum 29.83
BREAST - Sean Nguyenle 32.75
FLY - Zach Cermak 26.24
FR - Ethan Ahrendt 25.64
Total: 1:54.46
200 M.R. in meters for Women [Q TIME: 2:13.39] "A" RELAY  
BACK - Bea Obaob 32.03
BREAST - Anna Kowalchyk 36.09
FLY - Macy Fidler 29.82
FREE - Emma Melgardshagen 28.80
Total: 2:06.74
200 M.R. in meters for Women [Q TIME: 2:13.39] "B" RELAY  
BACK - Kendall Bensen 33.44
BREAST - Parker Hoppe 39.55
FLY - Annie Woodrum 31.77
FREE - Riley Fidler 28.00
Total: 2:12.76
200 M.R. - ACTUAL "A" RELAY: Obaob, Kowalchyk, Fidler, Fidler.........
ACTUAL "B" RELAY: Bensen, Hoppe, Woodrum, Razzano
400 M.R. in meters for Women [Q TIME: 4:48.39]  
BACK - Bea Obaob 1:09.17
BREAST - Anna Kowalchyk 1:18.85
FLY - Macy Fidler 1:05.33
FREE -   
Total: 4:37.63
400 M.R. in meters for Women [Q TIME 4:48.39]  
BACK - Kendall Bensen 1:10.87
BREAST - Parker Hoppe  1:26.06
FLY - Riley Fidler 1:04.99
FREE - Jersey Razzano 1:04.26
Total: 4:46.58
400 M.R. - ACTUAL "A" RELAY: Obaob, Kowalchyk, Fidler, Fidler.......
ACTUAL "B" RELAY: Bensen, Hoppe, Zosia Krajcovic, TBD
400 M.R. in meters for Men [Q TIME: 4:23.39]  
BACK - Jeff Plum 1:05.37
BREAST - Dan Eno 1:10.07
FLY - Zach Cermak 59.91
FR - Ethan Ahrendt 56.59
Total: 4:11.94

Rational for individual relay qualifying times for Senior Sectionals:

A)  Many who are close to a cut would like to plan as far in advance for which meet they will attend.  This helps with family planning and also workout planning.  Because these times are slower than the individual cuts it allows swimmers to know in advance that they can at least participate in the meet.  Participate how?....see "B".

B)  Relay only swimmers can swim time trials at Senior Sectionals.

C)  Swimming at Senior Sectionals as a relay only swimmer gets kids a chance to see what high level swimming is all about.  It also gets the swimmer acclimated to travel meets.  This is an important skill for all swimmers looking to swim in college and/or compete at a high level during the high school years (most of the big meets in swimming will require travel).  

D)  Having relay only swimmers adds numbers to our trip, which makes it more fun for everyone involved.  It also helps ensure we have enough people to do relays.  Relays are critical at championship meets because they are double the value of individual points.

E)  For individuals getting a chance to experience Sectionals (or any high level meet) it can be extremely motivating and thus it helps to accelerate the progress of the individual swimmer thru motivation, inspiration, and knowledge of "the next step".



Coach Ben's Info:
Cell: 425-736-5600

Chaperone #1:

Chaperone #2:
Carolyn Wright (Fidler)

Hotel: Best Western Sandy Inn
37465 Hwy 26, Sandy OR 97055

Phone: (503) 668-7100
Hotel check-in: after 3 PM
Hotel check-out: by 11 AM
Hot Breakfast Daily: 6:30-9:30 M-F, 7:00-10:00 AM Sat/Sun.


SRST Commitment Date:  Swimmers must commit to attending meet (and have qualifying times) by DATE TBD.

Swimmers must send their entries directly to Coach Ben on TBD.  Coach Ben will be doing all entries via OME with USA Swimming.  Remember to pick a bonus event via the parameters outlined in the meet info; talk to your direct coach if you have questions.

Pool Location:
Mount Hood Aquatic Center
26000 SE Stark
Gresham OR 97030

Depart: July 11th 8 AM (location TBD)
Coach General Meeting: TBD
Pre Meet Warm-up: TBD 
Return: July 16th (on road by 9 AM)

1)  Regular Meet Fees as stated in meet info + standard SRST surcharge of $15​
2)  Room Fee:  Room fees will be divided equally by the number of swimmers attending and the athlete rooms purchased.  Our hotel fee is $914.10 per room for the 5 day stay.  If a room is maxed out with 4 kids per room the total room fee would be $228.53.  Likely on average we will not fill out the rooms with exactly 4 per room so you it should be more.  This fee will be know after the entry deadline on DATE TBD.
3)  Van Fee: TBD
4)  Gas Fee: TBD
5)  Daily Food Budget: $30/day minimum.  $200 Total Recommended.
6)  Shopping/Movie/Misc: $50 Recommended.



  1. Ben Howard
  2. Jeff Plum
  3. Kendall Bensen
  4. Zosia Krajcovic (TBD)
  5. Jersey Razzano (TBD)
  6. Kali Robson (TBD)
  7. Riley Fidler
  8. Max Khaperman
  9. Angela Kim
  10. Mia Grove
  11. Bea Obaob
  12. Anna Kowalchyk (TBD)
  13. Macy Fidler
  14. Parker (TBD)
  15. Rylee Johnston
  16. Sean Nguyenle
  17. Zach Cermak
  18. ​Ethan Ahrendt