Parent Resources

Parent Resources

WEST Swim Team Fundraising Requirements

WEST is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization and in order to offset operation costs, we rely heavily on fundraising to help keep membership dues down. Each family is REQUIRED to participate in all team fundraising activities. A parent volunteer run program succeeds only with consistent, dedicated parent participation. Each family is asked to work at ALL WEST-hosted meets and site clean-up days.                                                                 

WEST-hosted swim meets and team fundraising events generate team revenue necessary for operating costs not covered by training fees. By requiring participation we ensure equal participation from all team members in helping to satisfy our budget operating needs. This helps us keep training fees as low as possible.

WEST has a minimum fundraising amount required of each swimmer based on training group. Families with multiple swimmers are responsible for the fundraising amount that corresponds with the swimmer in the highest training group level.

If money is donated to a specific swimmer in a family, either online by credit card or offline by cash or check, it will count toward the family minimum.  If money is donated to the family as a whole, it will go toward the highest level swimmer or split equally among all swimmers in the family.

Fundraising, as discussed on this page, relates to Swim-A-Thon® fundraising efforts. Any other fundraising, such as garage sales, etc. help out the team and create another source of revenue, but do not apply to the minimum required fundraising amounts.

Fundraising Requirement for All Families

   Explore: $300/family

   Discover: $325/family

   Challenge: $375/family

   Accelerate: $400/family

   Senior: $400/family

   Senior Elite: $425/family


WEST Swim Team Service Requirements

WEST is a volunteer-run program and parent volunteering is critical to the overall financial health and operations of both the swim team and the facility. WEST relies on parents, family members, and significant others to not only be dedicated to their swimmer but to the team effort as well. WEST is only as strong as the members that make up and support our program. Volunteering at meets is an important way to show support for your swimmer and reinforce the countless hours of hard work and dedication that he/she displays on a daily basis.

WEST-hosted swim meets generate team revenue necessary to meet operating costs not covered by training fees. By requiring volunteer participation we ensure that our budgeted operational needs are met and our training fees are kept as low as possible.

All swim team members benefit from WEST-hosted meets and are expected to share in this responsibility. Upon registration, you are agreeing to work at each WEST-hosted meet, especially PNS Long Course Championships in July.

NOTE: Some variation in the overall volunteer requirement will be due to your swimmer's training group level. This number will also vary depending on the total number of registered WEST families. Families with multiple swimmers are counted at the highest training group level and therefore will be responsible to meet the volunteer and fundraising requirement for that group.

Failure to Complete Fairshare Sessions Fee

Since WEST is a volunteer-run program, all families must contribute their fair share of volunteer hours. Failure to complete minimum hours will result in a fee of $20.00 per unfulfilled hour. This charge will be added to your account at the end of the season, and must be paid in full before your family will be allowed to re-register for the following season.

Service Requirement for All Families

   Explore: 32 Hours

   Discover: 34 Hours

   Challenge: 38 Hours

   Accelerate: 40 Hours

   Senior: 40 Hours

   Senior Elite: 42 Hours