WEST Learn-to-Swim Policies
Please read the following policies carefully to familiarize yourself with our program.



Please register using our online registration system, in person, or over the phone. Late registrations will be accepted in-person on an individual basis depending on space and instructor availability.

Class Sizes

To maximize our pool time and lane space, our class sizes are structured as follows:

Beginner 1 & 2
Minimum of 3, maximum of 4

Intermediate 1 & 2
Minimum of 3, maximum of 5

Minimum of 3, maximum of 6

If the minimum number of students for a class cannot be filled, the class will be closed or combined with another class of similar level at the Program Manager's discretion. 

Multi-Swimmer Family Discount & Financial Aid

Families with 3 or more swimmers will receive a 15% discount per swimmer. Scholarships are available to those who qualify and the criteria is based on Everett School District’s Free & Reduced School Lunch Program. Applications are available on the website and at the front desk.

Refund & Make-Up Policy

No refunds will be issued. We do not offer make-up classes. As with any other children’s activity, you are responsible to attend the days you signed up for.

We do not do offer make-up classes because we run our lesson sessions back-to-back and there is no time for additional classes.

Cancelation Policy

If you cancel your class, you will NOT receive a refund. You will receive a WEST Credit which can then be applied the next time you register. If you cancel your lessons during the first week of the session, you will receive half the registration fee. If you cancel after the first week, no credit will be issued.

Illness Policy

If your child is sick and misses three (3) consecutive classes, a credit will be issued when a doctor’s note is presented. The note must include the dates that the child was not allowed to be in class. No credit will be issued without a note from the doctor. The credit will be $10 per class.

Credit Policy

WEST Credits will be issued for prolonged illness (see illness policy) and pool closures only. Credits will NOT be issued for scheduling conflicts with other activities or vacations. Credits may be applied toward future swim lessons, both semi-private and private. Credit slips must be presented to the Front Office in order to be used (no service charge will be assessed when using a credit). Please treat credit slips as you would cash, they will not be replaced if lost or stolen. They are not transferable and will not be redeemed for cash.

Parents On-Deck

Parents and/or guardians must be present at every lesson.  Your children and their behavior are your responsibility while they are in the locker rooms and on deck. We strongly encourage parents to watch their child’s lesson from our viewing area (the green room). Separating the child from the parents allows the swimmer to form a bond with the instructor, therefore creating a more effective learning atmosphere. We do allow parents to view from the bench on-deck, however we ask that you refrain from interacting with your child during the lesson.

Locker Rooms/Changing Stalls

Children over the age of 6 must use their gender appropriate locker room to ensure the comfort of all our patrons.  We ask that parents limit their children's time in the locker rooms to 5 minutes, enough time to shower and change their clothes.  If your child has trouble limiting their time, there are changing stalls for use at the deep end of the pool.  The locker room is not a place to play or hang out.