Swim Meet 101

Swim Meets 101

This is just a short number of suggestions before your first swim meet.


Bring suit, warm-ups, two pairs of goggles and two caps
Arrive on time and report to coach immediately
Complete the warm-up as directed by coach
Help with the Team Cheer
Know and be ready for your events and relays
Meet with the coach before and after each event
Be supportive all your teammates – cheer them on
Demonstrate good sportsmanship behavior at all times
Clean up your area before leaving the facility
Have Fun!

More details

USA Swimming lnvitationals As a USA Swimming team we attend meets sponsored by other USA Swimming teams in the state, region, and nation. Swimmers may participate in meets for which they qualify by meeting Pacific Northwest Swimming (PNS) or USA Swimming time standards.

Short Course - The Short Course season runs from September to April and includes all levels of swimmers in the meet schedule. The Short Course pool is 25 yards in length.

Long Course - The Long Course season runs from May to early August. The length of the Long Course season pool is 50 meters. During this season we may attend one or two short course, i.e. 25 meter, events.

Swim Season Record Card
All swimmers should keep a record of their swim times. Parents will need to help Age Group swimmers. You can also go online to www.usaswimming.org and find your times there.

Time Standards
Most meets this year will be for the whole team. Entries will be sorted according to submitted times so that individual swimmers will be racing against swimmers of similar speed. If a meet has a time standard that just means a swimmer needs to have swam the decided time before that meet. Ex: 50 free time standard is 30.00 sec for 11-12 girls, a girl would have had to go faster than that in order to compete in the meet.

TAC Meets
TAC’s meet schedule provides meets for all TAC swimmers. Swimmers are encouraged to attend USA Swimming meets and to support and encourage their teammates.

The coaching staff strongly believes that swimmers 12 years and younger consider participating in the following meets: local PNS meets, travel meets within 1 driving hours of Anacortes, and the Sectional Short Course and PNS Short and Long Course championships.

The training and meet schedule established by the TAC coaches adequately promotes championship level swimming at the team and personal level and helps swimmers who desire to compete or are competing at the national level.

For 13 and older swimmers the coaches promote an array of meets that provide a greater challenge at the time when it is believed the athlete is both mentally and physically prepared to endure a more rigorous level of competition. This increased level of competition leads to exposure to competition at the national level. It helps swimmers develop to their full potential, including eventual competition at the collegiate level.

Meet Guidelines and Procedures

  • During meets, swimmers are expected to stay with the team in the team area. They need to warm up with the team at the designated time and in the designated lane.
  • If a swimmer will be late, inform the coach before the meet. If a swimmer is sick and must be ’scratched’ from the meet, the coach must be notified as soon as possible. In prelims and finals, if an eligible swimmer is unable to attend, he or she must notify the coach as soon as possible.
  • Tardiness at swim meets cannot be tolerated because it interferes with the smooth warm-up of the whole team. A good warm-up is necessary before competition. Parents have an obligation to the swimmer and the team to be on time. Excessive tardiness or tardiness without reason may result in the swimmer being scratched from the meet.

In general, swimmers should adhere to the following meet procedures:

1. Check the meet information sheet for each meet on our website for warm-up times, starting times, and meet check-in procedures. Call the coach if you are not certain what to do, where to go, or meet times. If a swimmer has a problem with transportation to the meet, let the coach know.

2. Be at the swim meet at least 10 minutes before the scheduled warm-up time and report to your coach immediately upon arrival. Find the team "rest area" and place your belongings in that area. Know what events you are swimming and listen for the announcement (’call’) for that event. Report promptly.

3. Find the TAC coach to learn what and where the warm-up is and immediately begin your warm-up. Playing and/or goofing off will not be tolerated during warm-up. Represent your team with pride and maturity. Practice your turns during warm-up. There is usually time at the end of warm-up to work on starts. If not, spend a few moments visualizing your starts. If you want to do sprints at the end of your warm-up, let your coach know.

4. When you are finished with your warm-up, leave the pool area, take a short warm shower, dress warmly, and go to the team rest area. It is important to be on time for a meet and to have all necessary equipment for the day. Swimmers should wear team suits, caps, and sweats (if available) at all meets.

5. If you need to eat, please do so immediately. We highly recommend that you bring food from home. It is probably more nutritious and certainly less expensive. Avoid heavy foods and those with high sugar content. Do not run back and forth to the concession stand throughout the meet.

6. Upon completion of each swim, get your time from the timers, and report to your coach. Warm down if possible and recommended by coach.

7. After reporting to your coach, return to the team area and await your next swim. Again, be careful of what you eat - avoid heavy foods, sugar and carbonated beverages! Some recommended snacks are bagels, pasta, juice and fruit. Swimmers are asked to stay until the end of the meet, especially during team meets. If you must leave, let your coach know. Pick up all your awards or arrange for someone else to pick them up. Clean up the team area before leaving. Again, represent your team with pride.

If you have trouble remembering what your event is below is a nice simple way to keep track. E=Event, H=Heat, L=Lane, R=Race

Format for writing on an arm. E, H, L, R,

1 2 4 100 free

8. Parents will be called upon to do timing, run concessions at home meets and fill other roles at meets. Please generously offer to help.