I.M.Ready Squad


Requirements for entry:

    • 9-12 Years Old
    • 200 yards freestyle under 3:00.20 Girls or 2:57.20 Boys
    • 50 yards backstroke Under 44.30 Girls or 43.30 Boys
    • 50 yards breaststroke Under 49.30 Girls or 48.30 Boys
    • 50 yards butterfly Under 43:60 Girls or 42.40 Boys
    • 100 yards I.M. under 1:35.40 Girls or 1:33.60 Boys
    • 12 X 50 freestyle holding < 0:41 @ :15rest 
    • 12 X 50 flutter kick holding < 1:00 @ :15rest



Make-up practice available with the Dolphin squad


Required Practice Equipment:

Goggles (two pairs)

Swim cap (required for anyone with long hair, have an extra)

Swim Suit (no board shorts and no sun suits)

Finis Alignment Board

TYR Cross Blade Fins (or comparable style fin)

Water Bottle

TYR Ultimate Snorkel (or Finis Swimmers Snorkel)

Finis Pulling Ankle Band


Swim Meets:

One per months is offered (if schedule permits)

Athletes in the I.M.Ready squad are encouraged to participate in the Challenge Meet Series.


Required Competition Apparel:

Team Suit (available online)

TOSC Silicone cap (available at the pool)

TOSC T-Shirt (available online)


Training Goals:

    • 500 yard freestyle under 6:18.90 Girls or 6:11.80 Boys
    • 100 yard backstroke under 1:15.20 Girls or 1:11.90 Boys
    • 100 yard breaststroke under 1:26.90 Girls or 1:22.20 Boys
    • 100 yard butterfly under 1:15.60 Girls or 1:11.90 boys
    • 200 I.M. under 2:44.70 Girls or 2:35.70 
    • 16 X 50 freestyle holding < 0:38 @ :15rest 
    • 16 x 50 flutter kick holding < 0:54 @ :15rest


    • Athlete performs all turns and push-offs efficiently
    • Athlete can perform track start and backstroke start effectively
    • Athlete knows that their attitude affects how they swim and others around them
    • Athlete shows basic understanding of goal setting
    • Athlete displays intention of adhering to attendance requirements
    • Athlete sits with friends and teammates at swim meets


Advancement of swimmers will be done at the end of the SC or LC Seasons. Some swimmers may not meet every criteria for advancement. However, based on many factors such as fitness level, age, maturity, squad cohesion and attendance coaches may place swimmers in a more or less advanced squad if it is more beneficial to the swimmer. All advancements are at the discretion of the coaching staff.