Generic MM Files

Welcome and THANK YOU 2018-2019 Meet Director's!

Linda Vicik, Sanction Chair will be sending the generic MM file to the meet director and meet referee along with the sanctioned meet announcement once the sanction process has been completed.

Instructions to customize generic MM file to your division:

1.  Rename the file, using your division # instead of the zero.

2.  In Set-up/Meet Set-up, replace the zero in the meet name with your division number and complete all asterisked fields.

3.  In Set-up/Report Preferences/Report Headers, Header 1:  facility / Header 2:  hosted by (your club name).  It is especially important that the sanction number is correct.

4.  Look over the file - file created by volunteers and another set of eyes is always helpful and appreciated!  Please let the PNS Office know of any errors so that other meet director's can be notified.  Double check entry fees and awards settings!

5.  File/Export/Events for TM and email to the PNS Office for posting to the PNS web page to facilitate team entry.