Information from USA Swimming Safety Chairs Meeting June 26-27, 2015 in Denver, Colorado

Hypoxic Blackout and the dangers of hyperventilation preceding extended breath holding as well as unsafe breath holding practices were discussed.

In all aquatic environments:

1. Never swim alone.

2. Never hyperventilate prior to any swimming activities.

3. Never ignore the urge to breathe.

4. Never play breath-holding games or challenges.

Connie Harvey of the Red Cross and Mike Espino of the YMCA talked about their work in this area. I have attached the ARC and YMCA information and policy statements for your review.

There are several resources we discussed on the USA Swimming website.

The USA Swimming Operational Risk Committee suggests that all teams and facilities have first aid kits available for use.

  • FIRST AID KITS - power point presentation from workshop - items to include in your kits