Looking to schedule a clinic? email us at * NOTE: Clinics are typically held from September through January to ensure the process can be completed within PNS Clinic guidelines and based on the current Rule Book tests. If you are requesting a clinic outside those months and you have at least group of 5, a clinic could be accommodated but know there may be modifications (shortened time period)  to complete the requirements.

The following clinics are for certification and re-certification of Officials in the positions as indicated. Instructors, locations, and clinic times will be updated here as they are scheduled. Below is a synopsis of what is required.  Please see "Policies" under the Officials tab for more complete information.

There is a $10 Fee when attending your initial Stroke and Turn clinic or a Admin Official (no prior S&T history).

There is a $5 fee for initial Starter, Referee, or Admin Official (current S&T certification minimum) clinic. You must have served in the previous position a minimum of one year.

All Officials re-certifying should email their credentials and sessions log (at least 10 sessions per year or 20 per 2 years) to your clinician prior to your clinic. Please bring your $5 fee to the clinic. You must take the re-certification test for the highest level you are re-certifying as well as the re-certification tests for other positions you hold. Please email those results to your clinician prior to your clinic. Stroke and Turn and Starters re-certify at the clinics posted. Referee re-certification clinics take place prior to the House of Delegates meeting in the Spring and/or early Autumn as will be posted.  Please see Official's Policy for complete requirements under the Officials tab. 

A brief e-mail to notify the instructor of your intention to attend will help ensure the instructor has the appropriate number of resources. 

The additional requirement links for certification found listed in the dropdown menu under the Officials tab.

-Background Check

-Athlete Protection Training                                                    

    Stroke & Turn Starter Referee


(Admin Official)

RSVP to Dave Withrow

Sat. Jan. 12

Mill Creek Community Center

RSVP to Aline Bensen

Sun. Jan. 13

Mill Creek Community Center

RSVP to Lisa Vetterlein

Wed. Jan. 16

Poolside meeting room



Clinics 2018-19
Date Location S&T SR REF AO
9/10 Mercer Island X      
9/12 Bainbridge X      
9/15 Mill Creek X      
9/17 Olympia X     X
9/18 Federal Way     X  
9/19 Bellevue X     X
9/27 Redmond       X
9/29 Shoreline     recert  
10/1 Bellevue X X    
10/9 Anacortes X      
10/10 Tacoma X      
10/10 Mill Creek   X    
10/11 Mercer Island       X
10/17 Tacoma   X    
10/18 Bellevue X      
10/20 Port Angeles       X
10/20 N. Seattle       X
10/23 Mill Creek       X
10/30 Federal Way       X
11/11 Mill Creek X