Services Provided


Non Covid Programs.....The Alameda Swimming Pool Association provides some of its programs free of cost just for benefit of the surrounding community. The Kindergarten Swim Program is provided for approximately six weeks in the fall, at the opening of the regular school program, and for six weeks in the spring during the latter part of April and May. The purpose of the program is to get the children water safe. There is no charge for this program and it is open to all kindergarten age children. A parent is expected to bring the child and go into the pool to help. Essentially, we teach the parents how to teach the child. Lessons for the ten and under age group (members only) are provided during the same six weeks in the spring and fall. Usually the time is scheduled immediately after the school dismissal. Senior swim is a guarded "free of charge" program provided at least twice a week. Time is also provided to the Alameda Fire Dept. for water safety training for its employees, as well as Franklin Pool being home to Alameda Emergency Radio.

During Summer season, the ASPA provides a variety of swim programs for its members, such as Pre-School swim, Reds-Greens-Blue Fish Novice Swim and Novice Swim (for the more advanced), Family Swim (Guarded General Membership Time) and Key holders (lap swimming). For swimmers interested in competitive swimming, the ASPA sponsors the Alameda Gators Swim Team. This team has its own board of directors separate from the ASPA board