High School Prep


High School Prep (Ages 13 & Up)

Non-Competitive Swim Team

This program is currently on hiatus.  Check back for updates!


Coaches:  Brandy Peak & Mark Yoder

Contact: Kristi Rossi, Director of Lessons & Operations kristi@burlingameaquatics.com

Attendance Expectations:

  • Practices offered 4x per week

  • 60-minute practice duration, 7:15pm-8:15pm, Mon-Thurs.

  • No attendance requirement

Competition Expectations:

  • Swimmers are not required to attend swim meets.

Required Equipment:

  • Swimmers can use BAC equipment such as kickboards.

Group Requirements:

  • 13-year-olds and older

  • Ability to complete swim sets of 500-1000 yards, but on a modest interval that works for the lane

  • Ability to complete up to 2000-2500 yards during the hour-long workout

  • Ability to read the pace clock and do send-offs on intervals

  • Ability to swim all four strokes

Group Philosophy:

The High School Prep program is a group comprised of swimmers 13-years-old and older, seeking a coached swim workout with some stroke technique. HS Prep swimmers are not seeking a competitive experience, but remain passionate about the sport of swimming.This is a non-competitive training group, without requirements for mandatory attendance at practices or swim meets. Swimmers in this group may or may not be interested in joining their respective high school swim teams in the Spring swim season. Other High School Prep swimmers might hope to maintain fitness by swimming regularly, as they may or may not play another sport.


The High School Prep Group will have no obligation to compete nor to fulfill any BAC volunteer hours. We hope that the High School Prep Group will provide the opportunity for its swimmers to maintain their fitness, increase their knowledge of the sport, and prepare them for participating on their respective high school teams if desired.


Cost & Registration:

Swimmers register for the High School Prep group by purchasing a High School Prep pass for $175 monthly. This pass is automatically set up as a recurring pass, which is charged to the credit card on file each month from the date of registration. If a swimmer ever desires to not participate in the High School Prep group for a month, the family can let us know to NOT renew the pass for the upcoming month. You will receive an e-mail one-week before the pass is renewed and charged each month so that you will know when the monthly renewal is scheduled to take place. After the High School Prep pass is renewed and charged for a month, it is not refundable.