March 16-21, 2020

The PASA Coaching Staff will be posting PASA Challenges! We are asking that our swimmers video themselves completing these challenges and tag @paloaltostanfordaquatics in your post. Please use whatever hashtag is associated with that challenge (i.e. #PASApaperpickupchallenge) and get featured on our Team Instagram!

Monday: 3/16/20
Today's Challenge is the #PASAClothing Challenge- get up and get your PASA Swag on!


Tuesday: 3/17/20

Today's Challenge is the #PASAHeadstandChallenge- How long can you stand on your head upside down...? Take the PASA Headstand Challenge! Put on your best PASA Outfit and let's get upside down!


Wednesday: 3/18/20

Today's Challenge is the #PASAStreamlineChallenge! What is the weirdest (PASA Coach Approved) thing you can do while holding the PERFECT STREAMLINE! Try it out today, tag @paloaltostanfordaquatics in your post, and, of course, don't forget to wear GREEN! 

Happy St. Patricks Day!



Thursday 3/19/20

Today's Challenge is the #PASABuildChallenge- Today's your day to build something! Make it out of legos, cardboard, blocks, the more creative the better! the bigger or wider, or more awesomer the better! Let your creativity shine through!

Good Luck!


Friday 3/20/20

Today's Challenge is the #PASASnackChallenge- Our medium is Instagram, so let's make it proud! Make a snack, make it beautiful, make it unique, make it crazy, make it YOURS! Creativiy is crucial so let your SNACK FLAG FLY! And don't forget to tag @paloaltostanfordaquatics in your post

Good Luck!


Saturday 3/21/20

Today's Challenge is the #PASASafeSportChallenge! Show us your certificate from you and your parents completing the SafeSport Training! 11 and Unders- Just need parents! Have questions? Follow this video from Coach Paul!

Good Luck!