March 23-29, 2020

The PASA Coaching Staff will be posting PASA Challenges! We are asking that our swimmers video themselves completing these challenges and tag @paloaltostanfordaquatics in your post. Please use whatever hashtag is associated with that challenge (i.e. #PASApaperpickupchallenge) and get featured on our Team Instagram!

MARCH 23, 2020

Today's Challenge is the #PASACardStackChallenge! How high can you stack cards from a ONE STANDARD deck of playing cards? Get creative and get your STACK ON!

Happy Monday!


MARCH 24, 2020

Today's Challenge is the #PASAPosterChallenge! Make PASA Poster, use markers, use glue, use glitter, use whatever you can find! We love your creativity, so use it now and don't forget to tag @paloaltostanfordaquatics in your post! #PASAPride!

Good Luck!


MARCH 25, 2020

Today's Challenge is the #PASANinjaReadingChallenge! How stealthy are you? Take a picture of a sibling, parent, neighbor, etc reading a book- see if you can get multiple members of your household, chillin out and expanding their minds- remember, this is a Ninja challenge, dress the part and don't get caught! And, as always, HAVE FUN!

Good Luck!


MARCH 26, 2020

Today's Challenge is the #PASABookClubChallenge! List and/or show your 3 favorite books and tag @paloaltostanfordaquatics in your post. Find friends who share your tastes and do a Book Club with themf! Find new books to make your quarentine a little easier and, as always, #PASAStayConnected! 


MARCH 27, 2020

Today's Challenge is the #PASACardTrickChallenge! Learn a card trick and then film yourself amazing your teammates and coaches with your magical skills and slight of hand! Here are some useful youtube videos. Don't forget to tag your site and @PaloAltoStanfordAquatics in your post! Let's stick together and show some #PASAStrongerTogether Big Energy as we head into the weekend!

Happy Friday!