May 4-9, 2020


The PASA Coaching Staff will be posting PASA Challenges! We are asking that our swimmers video themselves completing these challenges and tag @paloaltostanfordaquatics in your post. Please use whatever hashtag is associated with that Challenge (i.e. #PASApaperpickupchallenge) and get featured on our Team Instagram!

May 4, 2020
Today's Challenge is the #PASACartwheelChallenge! Put on your best, most creative PASA Gear and rockout your best cartwheel! Make sure you tag your site and @PaloAltoStanford Aquatics in your video!


May 5, 2020
Today's Challenge is the   #PASAHaikuChallenge! Write a Haiku and then film a video of yourself reading it! Theme- Why I Swim! Make sure you tag your site and @PaloAltoStanfordAquatics and show off all your creativity and hard work! #PASAHaikuChallenge!

May 6, 2020
Today's #PASADailyChallenge! is the #PASAFruitSaladChallenge! Make us a tutorial on how to make your very best fruit salad. Be creative and use unique ingrediants and then post your tutorial! Make sure you tag your site and @PaloAltoStanfordAquatics in your post!


May 7, 2020
Today's Challenge is the #PASACraftDayChallenge! What do you love to do? What do you want to try? Painting? Clay? Knitting? Cross stitch? Here is your chance! Give it a change and once you have your Masterpiece, in whatever form, make sure you tag your site and @PaloAltoStanford Aquatics!


May 8, 2020
Today's Challenge is the #PASADreamVacationChallenge! Where do you want to go? Do you dream of white sandy beaches, gothic cathedrals, or hang gliding through the rain forest? Make a collage and show us your dream vacation! Make sure you tag your site and @PaloAltoStanford Aquatics in your video!


May 9, 2020
Today's Challenge is the #PASAPopUpCardChallenge! Get ahead by taking the time today to make your mom a PopUp Card! Here is a video to help you on your journey! Once you've made your card, make sure you tag your site and @PaloAltoStanford Aquatics and show off all your amazing work!


May 10, 2020
Today is Mother's Day! So our #PASADailyChallenge is the #PASAMothersDayChallenge! Give your Mom the Pop Up Card you made on Saturday and make them Breakfast in Bed or let them sleep in and do a nice Brunch (or possibly Lunch), Clean Up, help with the Laundry and make the day (and upcoming week) easier on your Mom! No tagging today, just make sure to make the Day AMAZING!