Membership and Fees

PASA - Palo Alto Swim Club - Rinconada Site

Our site retains the legal name of Palo Alto Swim Club or PASC, but is more commonly known as PASA-Rinconada or PASA-Rinc. Our site is one of six sites that, together, comprise the Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics (PASA) team.   

PASA-Rinc. caters to swimmers at many levels, from beginners to those who are qualified to compete at National meets. Founded in 1955, the Club became a founding member of Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics (PASA) which united several different local Clubs under one team umbrella. All Clubs under the PASA umbrella compete together as one team and swimmers from each of the sites frequently mix together for joint training sessions, travel meets and team social events.

There are currently 900+ swimmers registered with PASA. The entire PASA team shares an overall philosophy and coaching style while each site, including the PASA-Rinc.  has retained its original small-team feel.  PASA-Rinc. has approximately 250+ swimmers registered.

PASA-Rinc. welcomes swimmers of all ages and abilities. We have a number of different Practice Groups that are generally set-up by age group (e.g. 8 & Unders, 9/10’s, etc.) and ability level. New members may join the team at any time during the year. The team practices weekday afternoons at Rinconada Pool located off Embarcadero Road in Palo Alto. Driving directions can be found at: Driving Directions. Information about fees and dues can be found below. More information about the history of Palo Alto Swim Club can be found at About the Club.


Tryout for other PASA sites

For tryout information at any of the other PASA sites,  click here  and look under 'PASA Sites' tab for contact information for the site you are interested in joining.  Please note that you are currently on the PASA-Rinc. site.



After completing a tryout session and being accepted to the team, new families will receive registration information from your coach.  The following three items must be completed before registration is completed.  For insurance purposes, swimmers will not be allowed to practice until all three items are completed.  All three of these items must be turned into your coach before your first practice:

  1. Complete the online registration. Submit the confirmation email to your coach before the first practice.
  2. Complete a hardcopy emergency form and turn into your coach before the first practice
  3. Submit a check for registration fees and first month of dues to your coach before the first practice.

Changes in Registration Information

It is each family’s responsibility to notify the Membership Chair of any of changes to their personal information such as address, phone number, email address, physician, emergency contact, etc. change during the year. It is important that registration information on file remain current at all times.

Annual Registration Fees

A check for the full amount of the annual registration fee plus the first month of dues must accompany the Registration Form. For the swim year which runs from September 1st through August 31st, the Annual Registration fee for Palo Alto Swim Club swimmers is $285.00.

Families with three or more swimmers Registration Fees are $285.00 each for the first two swimmers and any additional swimmers’ Registration Fees are $205.00 per swimmer. Families with a financial hardship should contact the Head Coach, Tony Batis for information about the Club’s Scholarship Program.

Members who join the team in April later in the swim year will pay a pro-rated Registration fee.

The registration fee covers United States Swimming’s registration, insurance and administrative fees. Each PASA-Rinc. swimmer receives a PASA team t-shirt and cap when their registration is processed.

Registration checks should be made out to "PASC" or "Palo Alto Swim Club".

Monthly Dues

Monthly dues are payable for all months except August which is a dues-free month. Dues are based on the Practice Group that your swimmer participates in. Please note that attendance at one practice during the month obligates you to pay full dues for that month.

Monthly dues are due on the 10th of each month. In order to reduce administrative expenses, PASA-Rinc. does not send bills to families for regular dues. The bills can be viewed on the website. It is each family’s responsibility to make arrangement to have their monthly dues paid by the 10th of each month. Families that choose direct debit or credit card methods of payment on the website will have the payment transaction occur automatically on the 1st of the month. Families that choose to pay by check should mail their checks before the 10th of the month.

Monthly dues can be paid by check, direct debit, or credit card. On the 20th of the month an invoice for each family is created. On the first day of the following month the bill becomes payable and the due date is the 10th of the following month.

To choose how you will pay your bill -- first "Sign In" to your account, and then follow these instructions:

  •  Click on 'My Account' below the bolded 'My Account' heading on the right side of the page.
  • Click on 'Setup Auto Pay'' on the right side of the page and go to the ‘Payment Setup’ tab.
  • Select one of the following options:
    1. ​​'Mail Payments’ for payments by personal check.
    2. +Add New Card’ for credit card payments. Enter the appropriate credit card information. Your credit card account will be automatically charged on the 1st of each month. A monthly, $15, administrative fee will apply if using this credit card option.
    3. +Add Bank Account’ for direct debit payments. Enter the appropriate bank account information. Your bank account will be automatically debited on the 1st of each month.
  • ​Click the 'Save Payment Setup' button at the bottom of the page.


For more information about paying your monthly dues contact the PASA-Rinc. Treasurer at

Paying Monthly Dues by Check

Checks for monthly dues should be received by the 10th of each month (with the exception of August, which is a dues-free month). Checks are made payable to "PASC" or "Palo Alto Swim Club" and should include the family name and swimmer’s name.

Mail checks to:

PO Box 178
Paradise, CA 95967-0178


Paying Monthly Dues by Credit Card

Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card are accepted for payment. A monthly administrative fee of $15 will apply if using a credit card.  This is  a recurring monthly fee for all credit card charges incurred during the month.


Paying Monthly Dues by ACH / Direct Debit

ACH/Direct Debit payments are available on the My Account / Setup Autopay section of the site.  This option is free of charge.


Past Due Dues

If dues are 30 days or more delinquent, a family will receive a notification from the Club Bookkeeper and a $25.00 late fee will be assessed if dues are not current by the 60th day.

If a families dues are delinquent for over 60 days, their swimmer(s) will not be allowed to continue participation in the program until their dues are current.

Families that allow their dues to lapse two or more times during the swim year will be required to pay by Direct Debit arrangement either via their checking account or credit/debit card.


To Stop or Suspend Automatic Debit or Credit Card Charging

If a swimmer stops swimming with the team or becomes an Associate Member {does not swim with the team but still pays $30/month -- see below} the Club Bookkeeper must be informed prior to midnight of the 20th day of the month, i.e. the midnight between the 20th and the 21st of the month.  At midnight the invoice/billing statement is created.  Then on the first of the next month the credit card accounts or checking accounts are automatically debited.  On the first of the next month the bill becomes due for people who pay by check and the payment is due by the 10th.  If parents do NOT let the Bookkeeper know, then the invoice {with the wrong amount} will be created, the bill will be created, and a refund or canceling of the bill will need to occur. 

Unfulfilled Work Hours

All PASA-Rinc. families are required to fulfill their Work Hour Obligation for the current swim year (September through August). Families that fail to fulfill their entire commitment of 35 hours (or 30 hours for first year families whose oldest child is 8 years old or younger) will be billed $25.00 an hour for each unfulfilled hour remaining at the end of the swim year.


Requests for Scholarship are reviewed confidentially by the Scholarship Committee made up of the Head Coach, Board President and Board Treasurer. Scholarships are granted based on financial need. Families seeking scholarships should contact the Head Coach and will be asked to provide evidence of need by presenting pay stubs, etc.

Associate Status

Members who will not be swimming with the Club for a period of 2 or more months can remain members of the Club by switching to Associate Status. Associates pay reduced monthly dues of $30.00/month to stay active on the books. Swimmers returning to the team from Associate Status do not have to re-register. Swimmers with a need to go on Associate Status must inform their coach in writing of their intent before the first of the month in which they want Associate Status to take effect. Swimmers may not register with another team while on Associate Status.


Visiting Swimmers

Visiting swimmers who are members of USA Swimming should contact the Head Coach and may swim free at PASC for up to two weeks.


College Student Members

Special arrangements are made for team members away at college to allow them to swim with the team when home on short breaks. College swimmers should contact the Senior coach for information on practice schedule, dues, etc.


Transfers from Other Teams

Swimmers interested in transferring to PASA-Rinc. from another team should contact the Head Coach. Transfers to PASA-Rinc. from other USA Swimming teams outside of the PASA umbrella (PASC, SCRA, UC, Alpine & PAC) must complete a Pacific Swimming transfer form in addition to completing the required PASA-Rinc. registration forms. 

Swimmers who transfer to PASA-Rinc. from another team (outside of the PASA umbrella) are “Unattached” and not eligible to compete with PASA as their affiliation until 121 days from the last day of competition in which they represented their former Club. Unattached status allows a swimmer to swim individual events, but they cannot score points for PASA or swim on relays.

The transfer fee for a swimmer who has a current Pacific Swimming registration with a non-PASA team is $125. The transfer fee for transfering from another PASA site to PASA-Rinc. is $50.



Members planning to leave the team should notify their Coach and the Membership Chair at Members may leave the team at any time during the swim year. Swimmers who resign from the team and return later in the swim year, will be required to re-register.