Team Sponsorhip
Sponsoring      Redding Swim Team      means something to our team. We're really grateful for your contribution and will work very hard to make this a great business relationship with the help of great technology and personal attention from our team.
We'd like to be Your Customers
You'll connect with lots of receptive individuals and families that have lots of kids that could soon become your customers. Remember we love our sponsors and welcome a chance to return the favor of your contribution to our team!
As importantly, about 30% of our monthly website traffic arrives from 1st. time visitors which means you'll reach far more that just our registered members! In addition, we will have well over 3,000 visitors due to our local swim meets, thus increasing more visibility for future clients or clients looking for immediate needs.

So what type of potential customer are we? Well, we're athletes, so we're active and have been known to be good eaters. Either from the food we buy at grocery stores or meals at restaurants. We buy personal and home electronics, clothing, repair our cars, buy new cars, get our oil changed, seek legal advice, print and ship things, get cavities, need a good medical doctor, stay at hotels for vacations, rent cars and fly on planes. We buy and sell homes, get home or auto loans, purchase home furnishings, have our homes cleaned, painted and repaired, could always exercise more, buy sporting equipment, need home and auto insurance, a great bank, gasoline and tax & financial planning assistance. 
Gaining new customers and keeping the old ones coming back!

We are looking forward to this great opportunity to showcase the Redding community and you as a sponsor. The Redding swim team is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization so all donations are tax deductible. Please take a moment to review the sponsorship form and the brochure that I have attached below for your reference. Feel free to contact us at (530)246-2666 or by e-mail at [email protected]
Thank you in advance for your consideration to help support the Redding Swim Team.

Mark Wagner
Head Coach/General Manager
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