Piedmont Swim Team and Montclair Swim Club

Over the few years, Piedmont Swim Team (PST) has become more competitive and its demand for pool space has increased. The team has enjoyed a great relationship with the Piedmont Recreational Center for many years where the majority of our practices are held; however, the pool space is limited and to ensure the team’s growth and progress, we’ve been in search of a second facility to meet the growing demand.

Montclair Swim Club (MSC) has been looking for an organization that can offer lessons to its members and the broader Montclair community. As PST shares the goal of improving the level of swimming locally through quality programming, both organizations have agreed to run Learn-to-Swim Lessons, Stroke Improvement Lessons and a Pre-Competitive Program out of Montclair Swim Club. This mutually beneficial relationship will improve swimming within MSC and PST and create many wonderful experiences for members at both clubs and in our community.

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