Is this your first time with us? Here’s what students need to know:

  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to lesson time to change and meet instructor who will be wearing a Piedmont Swim Team T-Shirt for your first lesson.

  • Tell front entrance you’re taking a swim lesson and mention instructor's name.

  • Bring to each lesson: swimsuit, towel, swim goggles and swim cap for long hair...necessary swim equipment which we don’t provide.

  • No other equipment is needed unless requested by instructor.

  • Meet instructor between medium and main pools.

  • Keep shower and change time short after lessons.




For parents:

  • Lessons may be observed from the deck above the pool.

  • Parents should not be poolside or participate in lessons as space is limited.

  • Instruction may end a few minutes early for instructors to talk to parents about child’s progress.


Cancellation/Refund Policy:

The fees for Piedmont Swim Team’s Swim Lessons and Pre Competitive Program and any other activities/programs affiliated to Piedmont Swim Team and its affiliates are due at the time of registration and must be paid via credit card. 

If your plans change and a refund is needed, it must be requested by emailing 72 hours prior to the activity for swim lessons and 60 days prior to the fist day of the start of the Pre Competitive Program. Requests sent in after those hours/days or requested in person will not be approved. There will be a $50 processing fee withheld form all refunds for Pre Competitive Program and a $25 processing fee from all Swim Lessons. 

There will be no refunds given on or after those hours/days. This includes refunds requested for illness, injury, change of plans, travel or other reasons. 



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