Group Move Criteria

Group Move Criteria


Here at Tiger Aquatics, group moves are decided on by the Lead Coach of the individual groups.  While it is up to the coach’s discretion to make the decision on when a group move is appropriate, here are the criteria that our coaches are considering:


  1. Mastery of the skills taught in current group:  
    1. Each group at Tiger Aquatics has specific focal points that are being taught on a daily basis.  It is imperative that each swimmer demonstrates mastery of these skills before attempting to move on to more advanced training groups.  See individual group descriptions or contact your group coach to find out more about the different skills being taught in each group.
  2. Practice Attendance:
    1. Practice makes perfect.  While not every group has practice or swim meet requirements, the more your swimmers attends practice, the quicker they will improve.  Our coaches take into account how often a swimmer attends practice when considering whether or not a swimmer is ready for the next group level.
  3. Swim Meet Attendance:
    1. Along the same lines as practice attendance, not every group has swim meet requirements.  Swim meets are a chance for swimmers to have fun, compete against others, evaluate where their progress is, and many other benefits.  Our coaches also take into account how often a swimmer attends swim meets when making their determinations on group moves. 
  4. Performance:
    1. A swimmers performance in practice and swim meets are also a factor our coaches consider in group moves.  We consider a swimmer’s progress in practice and swim meets over weeks, months and seasons when making judgments in readiness for a potential group move.
  5. Age:
    1. Age is also a factor we consider when approaching a group move.  Studies show that the most common reason for a child to leave a sport is that “it is no longer FUN.”  We want your swimmers to enjoy their experience in swimming and form great friendships with their peers that last a life-time.