Pre-Senior Group:  (Training to Race)

($160 Per Month)


Our Pre-Senior group prepares our swimmers to enter our Senior training group.  As we continue to develop our aerobic training base, the emphasis of technique/fundamentals is still stressed. An athlete is working to become a well-rounded swimmer before the specialization process approaches in Senior Group.  The commitment level is increased as practices become a higher priority.


·       Age 13 & Up

Attendance Requirement:

·       90% Practice Attendance

·       90% Swim Meet Attendance


·       5 practices per week

·       2 hours per practice

Required Equipment:

·       Goggles

·       Swim Cap: If hair comes to or below ears

·       Kickboard

·       Fins

o   Money saving tip: If fins are a little too big, have your swimmer wear an old pair of socks with them.  Socks will fill in the extra space and as they get older, their feet will fill in the fins

·       Snorkel

·       Pulling Paddles and Buoy

Skills Acquired:

·       Knowledge of how to train throughout a practice/week/season

·       Advancement of race strategy knowledge

·       Advancement of aerobic capacity and base