Senior Group(Racing Like a Champion)

($160 Per Month)


Our Senior group is our highest level swimming group offered.  Swimming is expected to take first priority over other sports and athletes are training to compete at high-level championship meets such as USA Futures, Junior Nationals and Senior Nationals.  Specialization of events begins to take place and swimmers are striving to be the best they can be in their events.


·      Age 14 & Up

Attendance Requirement:

·      100% Daily Practice Attendance – If you can’t make an afternoon, you must attend the morning workout (Unless notification to Head Coach 24 hours in advance)

·      100% Swim Meet Attendance (Unless notification to Head Coach before registration deadline)


·      8 practices per week

·      2 hours per practice

Required Equipment:

·      Goggles

·      Fins

·      Snorkel

·      Pulling Paddles and Buoy

Skills Acquired:

·      Understanding of how to train for highest level of competition

·      Knowledge of most advanced training techniques

.      Introduction to specialty training