Novice Group Expectations

Novice Requirements & Expectations

Learning & Development:
In the sport of swimming, everyone has a starting point where they know very little about competitive swimming. This group is all about learning; and in order to learn, each swimmer is expected to pay attention and be respectful of their teammates when a coach is speaking or demonstrating. Personal improvement is the goal of this group. The focus should be on first time achievements and best times, not necessarily winning a race. 

While there is no minimum attendance requirement for this group, at least 2 practices each week in addition to dryland activities at the start/end of practice is highly recommended. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each practice. For the best results, high attendance is necessary. 

Practice Suits:
Each individual is required to wear a regular competition swimsuit. It is encouraged to stay away from recreational swim wear such as board shorts for males and bikinis for females. Additional suits which create drag (“drag suits”) are not recommended for this group. 

Competition Suits:
During regular season meets, we will be wearing the team suits. This is a requirement for competitions. Technical suits will not be worn during regular season meets, unless discussed beforehand with a coach. 

At each practice, meet warm-up, and competition, it is required that each swimmer wear the issued blue TAHO swim cap. Writing on TAHO swim caps is not permitted. This helps not only identify each swimmer, but also creates team unity. Males and females with short hair are not required to wear swim caps at practice but are encouraged to do so at meets. 

In regard to goggles, it is all about the preference of the swimmer. Some may prefer clear, dark, or tinted goggles. When we swim outside, it is highly recommended that a swimmer use tinted/mirrored goggles to protect their eyes from the sun 


The required equipment for Novice is a suit, pair of goggles, Swim cap, and a kickboard (supplied at practice, no need to purchase one). 


We will be practicing and bonding as a group on a daily basis. A positive attitude, quality work ethic, and family atmosphere are contagious. At the same time, a negative attitude, laziness, and resentment towards others will create a chaotic atmosphere. Whether at practice or competition, I expect your best effort every time you are in the pool or participating in dryland activities. There will never be a time that I ask something of you that your mind and body are not capable of performing. You are capable of amazing things! Remember, at competitions, you get out what you put in during practice! 

Team Unity:
As a member of the Tahoe Swim Club, you are expected to support and encourage one another. At each meet, I expect you to wear team apparel, compete in team suits/caps, and CHEER FOR ONE ANOTHER. There will be no bullying, profanity, or violence of any nature at practices, meets, or team functions. There is a no tolerance policy in regard to bullying, profanity, or violence, regardless if it is seen by a coach, parent, or another team. 

Finally, I expect each individual to learn and have fun! 

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