AGE GROUP 1/2  (AG1/2)______________________________


Jennifer (Jen) Ko

I’ve been a swimmer since I was 3y/o when my parents first taught me freestyle in our backyard and had the joy of developing into a competitive swimmer on the Petaluma swim team from age 7y/o through high school. I’ve continued swimming with Dea Ann on-and-off ever since I found myself on the other side of “age group” swimming. I am lucky to have the opportunity to draw on my love for organized swimming and combine it with my 10+ years of teaching/facilitating across various fields for the Aquaducks: first as a Purples and AG1/2 coach in 2014, and now again for the AG1/2 group starting in May 2017.


Some fast, fun facts about me:

●Number of siblings: 1, a younger brother. He sinks like a rock, but I still try to teach him to be a better swimmer :)

●My favorite stroke growing up: Backstroke

●My hobbies: Cooking, reading, languages, and travel

●My craziest swim: Between two countries - Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea

●My most unique travel destination: Pakistan

●My favorite workout: Pyramids!

●My favorite candy: Pink lemonade sour belts




Group Criteria


  • Swimmer must be able to complete 25 yards of uninterrupted freestyle with comfortable side breathing.


  • 50 Yards of uninterrupted freestyle with head in neutral position throughout
  • 50 yards of backstroke with head in neutral position and proper use of backstroke flags
  • 50 yards of breaststroke using a two hand touch and stroking with a glide
  • 25 yards of butterfly with fins
  • Race start from the pool's edge, following USA Swimming whistle commands
  • Attempts flip turns, both front and back
  • Understands group send-off and starts in the proper group
  • Attends 2-3 practices per week
  • Has attended a Westside Intersquad meet

Group Description

The AG1/2 combined group will focus on skills primarily, with an introduction to simple training sets.  Practice times will range from 60 minutes (AG1) to 75 minutes (AG2).  Swimmers will move from the shorter workout to the longer one as the coach sees that the endurance and technique are there to support it.  Swimmers should also meet all of the AG2 criteria from above.  This group will participate in swim meets and will be the primary attenders at the spring novice series, as listed on the team events schedule, as well as all other C/B/A+ meets that the coach feels are appropriate.

Group Schedule

The printable current Standard Practice Schedule is available on our Calendar page.  Be sure and note the effective date.

Equipment Needed

Goggles, fins, swim caps (for swimmers with hair beyond their ears), swimsuits. To see more about each item, see our Equipment page.

All equipment available in our online SwimOutlet affiliate shop!