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Swimming Safely and COVID-19

The Westside Aquaducks requires all Coaches, Swimmers, and Parents/Guardians abide by the COVID-19 Code of Conduct. (Also available on the Aquaducks Forms & Documents page). Please return the completed form to Senior Coach Dea Ann Joslin either by leaving it on her porch in a marked container or mailed or emailed to her.
Forms will not be accepted at the gate - the priority needs to be on the swimmers' safety.

  • Dea Ann Joslin

  • 157 Webster St

  • Petaluma, CA 94952

  • Or scan and email it into Dea Ann at: [email protected]

COVID-19 will also affect how we swim: please review the COVID Lap Guidelines before coming to practice.

Team and Organizations safety guidelines & protocol for the Petaluma Swim Center in accordance with USA Swimming policy:

  • If you are not feeling well and/or suffering from COVID 19 like symptoms, please stay home. We will post County Guidelines and current information by CDC

  • A health care professional will serve as a COVID 19 liaison. This will include daily communication and updates from Kim French, RN/BSN/PHN, head of Nursing at Novato Community Hospital

  • Review and comply with OSHA COVID 19 return to work guidelines

  • 1 family member per athlete will be allowed on deck and will adhere to social distancing

  • All athletes and/or family members accompanying them will not be allowed entry unless they are wearing a mask. The mask may be removed once water activities begin

  • All athletes and/or family members accompanying them will be checked for fever before entering facility by staff, a record log will be kept

  • Any symptoms that arise during hours by staff or patron will be quarantined until they can leave. A closure of Facility up to 14 days will go into effect

  • Entrance will be through North gate (classroom side), 6 feet apart upon arrival. This distance will be clearly marked

  • Exit will be through the South gate (skate park side)

  • Hand sanitizer will be at the entry and exit points

  • No locker room use while at facility

  • Restrooms are for EMERGENCY only, one person at a time and will be sanitized after use

  • An hourly and daily plan will be implemented for sanitation and disinfecting

  • Social Distancing 6 feet is mandatory and will be enforced in and around pool deck area

  • Athletes will need to arrive and exit in suits, bring their own towels and gear

  • Athletes will not be allowed to share food/drinks, towels or equipment

  • No extra-curricular activities shall take place or congregation after practice

  • 20-minute sanitation/disinfecting and preparation break between rental groups

  • A family member may bring in their own chair. Facility lounge chairs and deck chairs will not be available for use.

  • Only Athletes of the same household and/or siblings are allowed to share a lane

  • All employees, including Manager, lifeguards, reception, pool techs will wear mask and gloves

  • Email notifications will be sent weekly or daily as necessary to update conditions, closures, schedule changes and/or updates

  • Athletes will be assigned lanes upon arrival. Coaches/supervisors will work with Manager and staff under the guide of USA Swimming protocol

  • Interval stops or resting points to be determined by coaches and/or supervisors using USA Swimming guidelines for configuration of pool

  • No social kicking (side by side in lanes)

  • Pool chemistry will be checked and visibly posted every 1 hour to ensure proper chlorine levels of 3.0 PPM or above at all times

  • The deck will be marked clearly in one-way directions to avoid two-way foot traffic (facility diagram attached)

  • The pool will be set up Short Course Yards with as many as 20 lanes available

  • This safety guideline was constructed using USA Swimming Facility reopening and planning document

Other Safety Questions or Concerns?

Contact our Safety Board Member and they'll help however they can: Westside Safety ([email protected])