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Swim Scholarships

Ducks Swim Scholarships

Westside Aquaducks offers limited swim scholarships to assist families temporarily with monthly dues.

This swim scholarship program is based on financial need. The program was instituted in an effort to support our committed swimmers, and to ensure that everyone who wants to swim has the ability to continue training, regardless of their financial situation.

For swim scholarship consideration, the swim parent(s) must apply to the Board of Directors.

Each swim scholarship will subsidize a portion of the swimmer's monthly dues. The maximum swim scholarship award is coverage of up to 75% of monthly dues, for up to six consecutive months, at which point the scholarship terminates and re-application and reconsideration by the Board of Directors is required.  Meet expenses, annual membership fees and equipment expenses are not covered by the swim scholarship and are the responsibility of the swimmer’s family. An awarded swim scholarship may be rescinded if a swimmer misses more than ten (10) consecutive practices without the coach’s prior approval, and/or if the swimmer displays inappropriate or unsportsmanlike behavior at practices or at swim meets.​

Swim scholarships will be awarded to one swimmer per family at any given time.

No more than four team-wide swim scholarships will be active at any given time.

Meet expenses, annual membership fees, and equipment expenses are not covered by this swim scholarship and are the responsibility of the swim family.

Swim Scholarship Criteria

Either a formal letter requesting the swim scholarship must to be sent to the team's mailing address

Westside Aquaducks Board
Attn: Swim Scholarships
P.O. Box 1084
Petaluma, CA 94953

Or emailed to the Westside Aquaducks Board at

[email protected]

Examples of "Financial Need" are family illness, loss of employment, divorce, or any other substantial change in financial ability.

Applicant must be a member in good standing. This is means that all dues are current to date; swimmer has been regularly attending practices and meets; and the family has been actively involved in team-sponsored functions and other volunteer needs.

An awarded scholarship may be rescinded if a swimmer displays inappropriate or unsportsmanlike behavior at practices or at meets, or any conduct deemed inappropriate.

Swim Scholarship Determination

Upon receipt of an application letter, the Westside Board of Directors swim scholarship committee will review the request and communicate a determination to the applicant.

Swim scholarships will be awarded by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

As no more than four swim scholarships can run concurrently, it is possible that a swim scholarship may be approved but not activated until the termination of another swimmer's current swim scholarship. If so, the Board will notify the swim family of the swim scholarship activation date.

Any questions about the team's financial need Swim Scholarships should be directed to the Board via mail or email.

Thank you,

The Westside Aquaducks' Board
[email protected]