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Westside Aquaducks-branded Clothing & Towels

The Westside Aquaducks has Westside-branded Parkas, Team Suits, Sweatshirts, Sweatpants, T-Shirts, and Towels for sale. For more information including sizing, pricing, shipping, or any other questions, please see below:

Ducks Parkas

*New* We are working with TrueWest to get the BEST team parkas with custom embroidery, personalization available, and super warm high-quality lining.
To place a Parka order please fill out the attached form. Further instructions are on the form itself.

Westside Aquaducks Parka Order Form

Ducks Team Suits

Aquaducks Team Suits are black with thin purple waves sporting white trims. They're available from Agonswim who provide high-quality, custom-dyed athletic apparel.

Westside Aquaducks Team Suits at Agonswim

Ducks Clothing & Towels

Sweatshirts & Sweatpants: The Westside Aquaducks logo on Black or Grey
T-Shirts: Mens', Womens', & Kids' sizes with fun, fashionable styles to choose from
Towels: Show your team pride with a super-absorbent, colorful Westside Aquaducks towel!

How to Order: The Ducks Clothing and Towels can all be purchased through our Westside Aquaducks Apparel Coordinator. Contact them to inquire about sizes, pricing, shipping, or any other questions you may have. When you're ready to order our Apparel Coordinator will be happy to assist you: [email protected]


Other Team Apparel Questions?

Contact us at: [email protected]


SwimOutlet Affiliate Store

Warmup Jackets, Pants, Boards, Flippers, and more can be found at our SwimOutlet Affiliate Store where your purchases help support the team!