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Parent Volunteers

Westside Aquaducks Parents Are Awesome Volunteers!

Swimming as a sport is fully Volunteer-run from Parents helping Timing on the Lanes or as training and becoming actual Officials who watch over the Swim Meets. Volunteering is crucial for the success of the team - any and all help is always welcome!


Our Team Depends on Volunteers!

Each swimmer's family must contribute at least twenty-four (24) hours per calendar year toward the activities of the team.

How Do I Sign Up to Volunteer/Earn Hours?

Volunteer opportunities will be available throughout the year. The Volunteer Coordinator will make these opportunities known to you, and you are always welcome to email the volunteer coordinator at  [email protected]  to offer to share your talents in a way we haven’t thought of yet!  Up to 10 of a family’s volunteer hours may be earned by being a Timer at meets (an easy and fun job; protip: the Timers get the best seats for all the events!).  The remaining 14 hours can be fulfilled in a plethora of ways, including but not limited to:

  • Volunteering at the Westside Aquaducks C/B/A meet at the Petaluma Swim Center (usually mid-April)

  • Working at our Swim-a-Thon Event

  • Fundraising

  • Securing Sponsors

  • Organizing the parade float for the Butter and Eggs Day Parade

  • BBQs, Pancake Breakfasts, other Food-related Events

  • Float 'n' Fireworks Event

  • Miscellaneous Event Support

  • Becoming Certified and volunteering as a USA Swimming Official

  • Serving on the Board

Contact our volunteer coordinator to see where you're needed -- or to share your own ideas about how you'd like to help the team -- [email protected]

How Do I Report My Volunteer Hours?

All volunteer hours must be reported via email within two weeks of completing them.  To do so, just email [email protected] with a summary of your hours.  The volunteer coordinator will log the hours, and then reply to you confirming that your hours have been credited. There will be no end of year adjustments, so it is important that you report the hours you work within the two-week window.

What If I Am Not Able to Fulfill My Required Hours?

For those who are not able to serve all of their hours, we offer the option of paying $15.00 per unserved hour, or a maximum of $360.00. You will be billed each January for the hours your family has not served during the previous calendar year.

In order to check your family’s hours, simply log onto the team website with your user name and password. Then click on “My Account” on the left hand menu and choose “$ My Invoice/Payment” from the dropdown menu.  That will take you to a new screen with your Latest Monthly Invoice as a tab. At the top of the Invoice is a second tab for Service Hours. When you click on the “Service Hours” tab you will see a detailed list of all your logged hours for the year.

Check back often -- volunteer opportunities will be posted here on a regular basis. Questions? Contact us at [email protected].

Thanks for all you do to help our team!