Parents at Practice
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Parents at Practice

A Parent's Responsibilities at Practice

When your child comes to practice you, as the parent, should attend to the following:

This one is easy: Relax and enjoy giving the responsibility for your child to the Coach for the duration of the practice.

Be conscious of the things we expect your swimmer to be responsible for, and try not to do those things for them.

If you need to talk with the Coach about a concern, or if you have a question, the Coach will allow time before and after practice to speak with you. During practice, your child’s Coach will have their full attention on the swimmers and their needs. It is very acceptable to set up a time to sit down with the Coach and discuss your child. Your input is often very helpful to us in teaching and coaching your child. You will have many questions during the first year of your child’s participation.

Veteran parents are also a great resource for many of your questions. The bleacher area is filled with swimming information!

If your child has medical issues that have changed, or that you have not listed on your Medical Release Form, please fill out a new form and give it to your child’s Coach immediately. If your child has any medical issue that may affect practices and/or meets, and even if it is listed on your current medical release form, you should let your child’s Coach know in person. We all want your child to be safe, healthy, and happy in the water.

Medical Equipment: If your child uses an inhaler or something else that is necessary for their health to have on the pool deck while they swim, please ensure that it comes to the pool for every practice.

Don't forget to prepare your child by making sure they know A Swimmer's Responsibilities at Practice!