Parents at Meets
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Parents at Meets

A Parents' Responsibilities at Meets

When attending Swim Meets parents should consider the following:

  • Have your child at the meet on time.

  • Pack appropriate clothing and shoes, remembering that the weather can change from very cold to very warm and back again. It is better to be over-prepared than underdressed in cold weather.

  • Pack appropriate food for a day outdoors. A snack bar will almost always be available, but foods your child is accustomed to will be best when racing.

  • Report to the team area at 8:50 a.m. (or 10 minutes prior to the start of the session) to receive important meet information from a member of the Coaching Staff.

  • Watch the events to know when your child’s race is coming up. Programs will be sold at the meet, and the announcer will say the event number at the start of each heat.

  • Watch for heat and lane assignments, which will be posted at an area to which the coach will direct you. Events are usually posted 5-15 minutes prior to the start of each event.

  • After finding your heat and lane assignment, walk your child to their coach for specific race instructions.

  • You may accompany your child to the start area, being sure to stay behind the timers. This area is for swimmers and officials only. (A well-meaning parent can delay the start of a swim and can cause kids to stand in the cold, waiting for the area to be cleared.)

  • Behind the start area you may remind your child of their heat and lane. Don’t coach. Your child’s Coach has already provided instructions for the race.

  • Hold the towel with a smile, no matter what.

  • After the race, your child’s Coach may want the swimmers to warm-down before reporting back. After warm-down, remind your swimmer to report back to their Coach for the race summary.

  • If your child misses an event, for any reason, bring them directly to the coach's canopy.