Swimmers at Practice
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Swimmers at Practice

A Swimmer's Responsibilities at Practice

When your child comes to practice they should attend to the following:

  • Having all of their equipment behind the blocks and ready to use (including water)

  • If asthmatic, bring their inhaler to the pool’s edge for every practice

  • Putting caps and goggles on before the group begins warm-ups

  • Listening with head up while instruction is given

  • Making eye contact with the Coach during instruction

  • Trying

  • Putting away all equipment after practice is done

  • As your child moves into the higher groups, they can help with preparing the swim bag for practice. Emptying the bag should start ASAP upon arrival home

Starting Each Practice on Time

While the coaches acknowledge that getting to the pool on time is sometimes almost impossible, we ask that you do your best to have your child on deck 10 minutes prior to the start of practice so that they will be ready to start with the group at the beginning of practice. Being on time is a lesson in responsibility and respect. Please help us to teach these principles to your child.


Each coach has a planned training cycle created for an athlete with full attendance. However, attendance requirements (or what the coach will want to see before advancing a swimmer to the next training group) will vary from one group to the next and will increase as the level of the training group increases. To find out what these attendance expectations are, see the Swim Group Descriptions page or talk with your child’s coach.