Swimmer Standards
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Swimmer Standards

Swimmer Standards of Conduct

The Westside Aquaducks expect swimmers to:

  • Be dedicated and loyal to our club and teammates. Be vocally supportive. Treat all members of the team (coaches, swimmers, parents), as well as our opponents, with dignity and respect, refraining from physically or verbally abusive behavior.

  • Be responsible for the proper care and proper of equipment. Practice is not finished until all supplies are returned to storage. Everyone helps.

  • Arrive at practice allowing enough time to prepare and begin on time.

  • Refrain from coaching or instructing the team or any swimmer at a practice or meets and from interfering with coaches on the pool deck.

  • Be committed to your best effort every day. An honest effort does not include cutting laps, pulling on the lane lines, or missing send offs/sets.

  • For swim meets, learn how to keep accurate records of official posted times, correctly complete meet entries, learn best times, ID numbers, meet check-in, check heat and lane assignments, and other important information including reporting to competition lane without parental assistance (8 and under excluded).

  • At meets, report to the coaches’ area before each race. After the race, warm down, then see your Coach.

  • Check the team website regularly for updates and schedule changes.

  • Abide by all Pool Safety Rules.

  • Refrain from using drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

  • Understand that, should you conduct yourself in such a way that brings discredit or discord to Westside Aquaducks or USA Swimming, you voluntarily subject yourself to disciplinary action. Westside Aquaducks maintains the right to terminate any membership with/without cause in the interest of the team’s vision, mission and objectives.