Entering Swim Meets
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Entering Meets

What Meets Should My Child Enter?

While attendance at swim meets is not mandatory, all swimmers will be encouraged to enter swim meets as a way to measure their progress. Meets that the team will attend are chosen by the coaching staff each year. A list of upcoming meets is posted on our Events page, and meets are also listed as items in our Team Calendar. Not all meets on the schedule will be appropriate for every swimmer. Meets listed with C/B/A+ or C/B/BB+ are the ones your swimmer(s) will generally attend.

Your child’s Coach will make very clear the meets your group will enter. Once a meet is open for registration, you will receive an e-mail notice to this effect, and online entry should be done immediately. When a meet reaches its maximum entry number, the meet will close, and no entries will be accepted from that point on. Meets have closed in as few as four days.

How Do I Enter a Meet?

To enter a meet, you will first need to know your child’s Pacific Swimming Registration Number. This number can be found on your child’s registration card (which is also your proof of insurance). Your child’s coach will give you this card as soon as it has been received from Pacific Swimming. This card should travel with you to all meets. The number on the card can be found by using the following formula:

  • ?X birthdate mmddyy

  • ?X first three letters of the first name (as used on registration form) ?X middle initial

  • ?X first four letters of the last name (as used on registration form)

  • i.e. Dea Ann Joslin’s number (with birthdate April 13, 1959), is PC#041359DEAAJOSL

If your child has no middle initial, or fewer than the requested number of letters in his/her first or last name, an asterisk (*) takes the place of the letters. To do an online entry, follow these steps:

  • Go to

  • Click on "Upcoming Meets"

  • On the Calendar of Meets, find the meet you want to enter, and click on “Online Entries”

  • You will be linked to the Swim Connection entry site. Follow the prompts to enter.

  • If your child has never swum the event(s) you are entering, “NT” should be used in place of an entry time. This stands for “No Time” and will assure that your child will be swimming with other first-time racers. If you are unsure of which events to enter, talk to your child’s coach, who will surely have an answer ready for you.

  • After you have entered the meet, go back to the Meet Updates, find your meet again, and click on “MeetSheet.” Print the MeetSheet and keep it as a handy reference for meet details. The location of the meet, directions to the pool, order of events, start times, etc., are all found in this document.

  • The next time you enter your e-mail Inbox, you will see that you have received a copy of your child’s entry form, listing the events you have entered. Forward this e-mail to your child's Coach