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Silvers Coach

Jodi Farrell - Email: Coach Jodi at [email protected]

I started my swim career with a crippling fear of drowning but with time, patience, and some swim lessons I realized that I absolutely LOVED the water and what I could accomplish while in it.

I swam for Westside Aquaducks from the ages of 8 to 15. I dedicated years to training and racing. I progressed through many groups/coaches, and eventually moved up to the Senior group of Westside with Dea Ann as my final coach. At the time, I set team records, won ribbons, and swam in important meets (Junior Olympics, Far Westerns, Sectionals). I also swam open water events like Lake Berryessa, under the Golden Gate Bridge (age 12), and the Alcatraz loop (age 14). In high school, I swam for the Casa Grande varsity team and earned my letterman jacket.

I would say I've always put my heart into swimming...

Unfortunately, the finacial circumstances in my household lead to the end of my chapter as a competitive swimmer for Westside. I haven't swam on a team for quite a few years but that hasn't stopped me from finding my way back to the pool.

Since the Aquaducks, I've been swimming on my own, surfing, and teaching private & group swim lessons. I am fortunate enough to be a part of the team again, but this time on deck as a coach. I think it's safe to say that my swim career isn't over by a long shot; it's just taken on a new perspective, as have I. My goal as a coach is to help every child in the group accomplish their goals as swimmers.

Group Criteria

  • All four strokes are swum legally

  • Swimmer participates in USA meets regularly

  • Completion of a 200 IM in a USA swim competition

  • Use of basic clock intervals (1:00, :55, :50…)

  • Swimmer must display leadership qualities that include, but are not limited to, comfort in leading a lane

  • Shows respectful listening skills (attentive to set details and intervals

  • Ability to be be responsible and independent in a workout

  • 5 x 100 freestyle on 2:00

  • Attends 3-4 practices per week

Group Description

Silver swimmers will still be actively engaged in improving their technical skills and their stroke mechanics.  Introduced in this group will be racing skills and endurance work that will allow them to excel in the longer, more tactical races that are introduced in the 11-12 age group and above.  Silver swimmers will be expected to attend the team C/B/A+ meets on the events calendar as well as any championship meets that are qualified for.  Silvers will swim 5x week for 90 minutes each session.

Group Schedule

The printable current Standard Practice Schedule is available on our Calendar page.  Be sure and note the effective date.

Equipment Needed

To see more about each item, see our Equipment/Gear page. All the equipment is available in our online SwimOutlet Affiliate Store!

  • Floating Swim Fins

  • Large Kickboard

  • Mesh Bag

  • Pull Float/Buoy

  • Swim Caps (for swimmers with hair beyond their ears)

  • Swim Goggles

  • Swimsuit