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Seniors Coach

Dea Ann Joslin - Email: Coach Dea Annat [email protected]

My Swimming – It probably seems like I’ve been swimming forever…but I was the oldest kid in Beginners, because I was afraid to put my face in the water.  I love to train and to swim just about anywhere…and any time.  My competitive career has been 12-current.

Teaching – I started teaching swimming 8 years ago and have learned as much or more from teaching as I have from participating and coaching.  Beginnings are great, in competitive swimming and in learning to swim.  Learning to swim is a very empowering and fun experience for children and I love seeing it happen and being a part of it.

Coaching – I’ve been coaching longer than I’d probably like to admit.  There’s something magical about watching a swimmer move powerfully and gracefully through the water.  Even so, my favorite part of coaching is watching a swimmer achieve his or her goal and seeing the joy and sense of achievement when it happens.  The hardest part of coaching is seeing unrealized potential.  My goal is to teach the skills that will allow an athlete to pursue their potential and then train the body to get it to that potential.

My Family – I have been blessed with a loving and supporting husband (Bill!) and five healthy kids (Ryan, Marie, Cory, Jessica, and Aquaduck Haley).  Of course, most of you know Buck too!  I love my family.  They give me the strength and faith to do all that I do.

Group Criteria

  • Involvement in USA Swimming for a minimum of 1 year prior to group entry

  • Entry into and attendance at team and group meets

  • Integrity and leadership in practices and at competitions

  • 8 x 100 freestyle on 1:20

  • Agreement to attend a minimum of 85% of all practices; both swimming and dry land

Group Description

The Senior group is our highest level training group, demanding the most dedication and effort. At this level, swimmers technique should only need fine tuning.  The goals for Senior swimmers should include qualification for championship meets and swimmers will have their eyes on collegiate swimming.  Practices range from once to twice a day, 6 days/week.  Training will include swimming, weighlifting, circuit training, running, and medicine ball.  Senior swimmers will be expected to attend selected team C/B/A+ meets, Senir circuit meets, and all championship meets that are qualified for.

Group Schedule

The printable current Standard Practice Schedule is available on our Calendar page. Be sure and note the effective date.

Equipment Needed

To see more about each item, see our Equipment/Gear page. All the equipment is available in our online SwimOutlet Affiliate Store!

  • Competition Nose Clip

  • Hydro Tech 2 Silicone Surf Swim Fin

  • Glide Swimmer's Swim Snorkel

  • Hydrofoil Kickboard

  • Pull Float/Buoy

  • Pulling Ankle Band

  • Swim Caps (for swimmers with hair beyond their ears)

  • Swim Goggles

  • Swimmer's Swim Snorkel

  • Swimsuit