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Open Water Events

Westside Aquaducks Open Water Events!


Each year a brave group of our Westside Aquaducks heads away from the pool into the Open Water that is available to us in this amazing Bay Area.

The season begins with the Yorty Creek openwater introduction.  At this swim, all training groups are invited to learn about the differences between the pool and openwater at Lake Sonoma, west of Cloverdale.

One week later, these swimmers have the opportunity to race at Lake Berryessa, in a sanctioned event.  Westside has been attending the Lake Berryessa swim since 2006.  It is a fun team event and a learning experience for all who attend.  No lines, no lanes ... but plenty of water!  (Some of the Coaching staff will be out there racing as well.)

Senior swimmers have the opportunity to train weekly through the summer in San Francisco Bay, in preparation for an event at the end of summer.  These swimmers have conquered Alcatraz and crossed the straits of the mighty Golden Gate.  These swims add the element of colder temperatures and rough water.  Exciting!

If you are interested in participating in our team's openwater events, let your Coach know and watch the calendar for the startup in May.