Taking a Break

Taking a Break?

We know that for one reason or another, a swimmer may occasionally need to take a break from participating on the team. We call this a “freeze,” and we allow it once a year, for up to three months. Here is what you need to do to request a freeze:

First, talk to your coach. Let him or her know why you will not be at practice. Second, alert our billing coordinator (, who will make any necessary adjustments to your account.

Our “freeze policy” says that the first month of your freeze is free. The second and third months are charged at 25% of your regular dues and are payable at the beginning of the freeze. When possible, plan the dates of your freeze carefully: if you attend one practice during a particular month, you are responsible to pay the total dues for that month.

Swimmers who choose to take a freeze are guaranteed that a spot is held for them in their current swim group. Their families continue to accrue volunteer-hour responsibilities even though the swimmer is not attending practices or meets.

Depending on your reason for taking a break from the team, you may choose to leave the team and rejoin at a later date. This does not guarantee your spot in your current swim group; however, it does excuse your family from further volunteer responsibilities until you decide to rejoin the team. Reinstatement to the team requires that your account is up to date, and it may require that you be reevaluated by a coach so that you are placed in the most appropriate swim group. 

If you choose to leave the team, either temporarily or permanently, discuss your plans with your coach and be sure to notify the Billing Coordinator in writing ( You will receive a closing bill for any outstanding charges, which might include dues, membership fees, and/or unfulfilled volunteer-hour charges (these are based on the number of months your child was with our team during the calendar year -- two hours per month, at $15 per hour).

We recognize that our policies may not always match your circumstances. Please let us know how we can work with you to make your swimmer’s experience a positive one!