Rising Stars FAQs

Rising Stars FAQs

How big are the groups at each level of Rising Stars?
We do our best to keep the groups small so that our swimmers can receive personal attention. Depending on how many kids sign up for each session, and how many swimmers attend any particular day, the coach/swimmer ratio can vary. We typically have two to three coaches per level group.  We limit our enrollment so we try not to exceed the following maximum levels:
   For Level 1 groups the ratio will not exceed 5:1. 
   For Level 2 groups the ratio will not exceed 8:1. 
   For Stroke & Turn groups the ratio will not exceed 8:1.

Can my swimmer try out a practice before we sign up?
Yes, your swimmer can try the program as long as there is space remaining. However, we cannot reserve a spot for someone not fully registered, and classes do occasionally fill up before the session begins.  Please contact the ASA Office (contact information below) to make arrangements to attend a trial practice.  After trying the program once, you must register your swimmer before attending the next practice.  If you register, the class fee will include the trial practice.

Do you offer make-up classes?
Unfortunately, because we do our best to keep our group sizes small, there are no makeup classes available for the Rising Stars program.

Can my swimmer attend a different time practice if we have a one-time time conflict?
We regret due to space constraints and staffing requirements in both of our pools, we cannot offer the opportunity to attend a different practice other than the one they are registered for.

Can my swimmer move up a group OR down a group if s/he wants to?
We will move a swimmer up a group when the coaches feel like the swimmer is ready.  We also can move swimmers down a group if s/he feels the current level is too challenging.  We want to make sure all swimmers are in the right groups where they can see their improvement and have the best chance to enjoy the practice AND succeed.

If my swimmer registers and starts after the session has started, will the fee be prorated?
Yes.  Space allowing, we will prorate the session fee based on when you register/start attending.  However, if you begin more than halfway through the session, a minimum fee of half the session fee will be charged regardless of when you begin.

Can we get a refund once the program has started?
If you register your swimmer before the first practice and you find the program is not a good fit for your swimmer, or you discover that you have a conflict for the session, you can get a refund or a credit for the next Rising Stars session.  However, you must contact the Executive Director before the beginning of the second practice.  No refunds will be given after the second practice of a session. 

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