Join Sea Dragons

The Sea Dragon Team is a competitive year round swimming program dedicated to advancing the sport of swimming. The Sea Dragons Swim Team provides a program for all swimmers who wish to improve their swimming skills through training year round and seasonal competition.  Our coaching staff has developed a program that provides each swimmer the required skills and conditioning to be successful at any level of swimming. The skill level of the Sea Dragons swim team ranges from first time competitors to those that have competed in YMCA, USA and Invitational Meets. Sea Dragon swimmers are expected to demonstrate excellent sportsmanship at all times.

2019-2020 Registration Packet

* Completed registration forms can be emailed directly to Coach Ian or dropped off at the YMCA at 402 East Monroe Avenue, Alexandria, VA 23301.  If dropping at the YMCA, please place all forms in an envelope marked to the attention of Coach Ian and request that the documents be placed in his mailbox.