Team Attire Policy

Team Attire

Team attire is and should be a statement of pride and not a policy in and of itself.  Your team attire is your representation of the team.  We believe there is a correlation between one’s commitment to wear team attire and one’s general feeling about the team.  Our swimmers do not compete in a meet or travel if they are not in team attire.  It is not about the clothes or the rule. It is about what statement they are making with their appearance.  Coaches should lead the way in this regard.

When attending any swim meet, a swimmer must have and wear:

  • Team cap (green for all regular season competitions and in-season championship meets, championship cap for all championship meets)
  • Team shirt (regular team shirt for all regular season competitions and in-season championship meets, championship shirts for all championship meets)
  • Team suit (following the team suit policy below)
  • All other team apparel is welcomed & encouraged.

BLUE WAVE Swim Team Fast Suit Philosophy

An interesting question the coaches get around this time of year is what to do about “fast suits?” The question is not just a logistical or financial question, but a philosophical one.  We have a very different philosophy from many of the teams in the area…we are a little old school.

Please read this entire post, as there is a lot of information and we will expect all parents and swimmers to adhere to our team policy. Swimmers who are wearing the wrong level of suit will be asked to change.
Many of you may wonder what constitutes a “fast” suit…
In reality, all suits are fast provided you get them tight enough and that they make swimmers feel like the suit is special – a “meet” suit.  For years and years, swimmers have been swimming state, sectional and junior national times in a “regular suit” – why change it up? If you’re curious – take a look at the progression of National “AA’ Time Standards for 11-12 Boys – these times (based off national averages) have changed very little – most of the 50’s & 100’s (the events most affected by fast suits) have only sped up by around 1 second in 33 years.  Fast suits in their current iteration, did not exist until the late 90's, and even then, usually just on college campuses. This idea that a suit makes a swimmer faster, while convincing and alluring, is nothing more than old-fashioned hogwash to get parents to shell out lots of money for something that is generally a myth. It's not anything more than if a runner puts on the same shoes Usain Bolt wears, he too, will run faster. 
Our team competitive philosophy is to limit and restrict reliance on a fast suit for fast performance until athletes reach a point in competition where that suit will make a difference in their competitive experience
We want all our athletes to understand the value of hard work, both, mental and physical, combined with delayed gratification to create a positive performance without the aid of external factors. Or in other words, the swimmer makes the suit, not the other way around.  Learning to work hard, practicing proper technique and engaging in correct race strategy is paramount to positive performance across a swimming career
Think long-term about what the athlete needs – it’s very easy to get caught up in the season goals (making JO’s, making SR Champs etc) and feel the pull and peer pressure (even from other parents) to buy the magic pill to make little Billy BLUE WAVE drop .5 and get his champ cut
Relying on a suit to create that positive experience for an athlete is creating a “security blanket” in the water --- “I could have made that time if I had a fast suit on” becomes the name of the game, rather than – “I need to work on (insert technique, practice skill or strategy) to make sure I’m hitting my time” or being able to celebrate the 5 or 10 second drop that fell .5 short of the season goal but was still reflective of all her hard work.  
The Breakdown
As a general rule, at every meet other than championship or championship format meets (qualifying prelim/final), ALL swimmers should wear a tightly fitting team suit.    Should an alternative suit be required, the coach will identify that situation with the swimmer prior to the meet in question.  If you wear a fast suit at every meet, it no longer is a fast suit for fast season-ending performance…it just becomes another suit, albeit a very expensive one.
10 & Unders – no fast suits. Ever. Team suits only. Preferably Speedos jammer for boys.
11-12’s – (No knee skins for girls) can wear Tier 2 suits at
  • 14 & Under JO Champs & LCM JO Champs (individual qualifying times)
  • IMX Challenge Meet
  • A meet that requires qualifying times and is Prelim/Finals.
 13 & Over’s –
  • Can wear Tier 2 suits at
    • 14 & Under JO Champs & LCM JO Champs (individual qualifying times)
    • IMX Challenge Meet
    • Meets that require qualifying times and are Prelim/Finals.
  • Can wear Tier 3 suits at
    • SC & LC Senior Champs (individual qualifying times) and above may wear Tier 3 suits at meets that require qualifying times and are Prelim/Finals.
  • Can wear Tier 4 suits at
    • Sectionals (individual qualifying times) and above may wear Tier 4 suits at meets that require qualifying times and are Prelim/Finals.
Speedo Aquablades are also not allowed as they are just more expensive versions of the team suit. 
There are several swimsuit companies that make a wide variety of “fast suits.”
We are a SPEEDO sponsored team, so our preferred swimwear is the SPEEDO line of fast suits. 
Please note, you do not HAVE to buy the suit at the level indicated by your swimmers performance – you can always buy a lower-tier suit or just race in our team’s suit – just do not buy a higher tier’d one.
These suits listed below can be purchased at Cassel’s or are available on
Tier 1
Normal TEAM suit. Should be tight-fitting and make swimmer feel good.
Tier 2 (Range from $60-$150)
Kneeskin level for 13 & Over Girls only.  Boys may get jammers.
*These suits also come in a basic women’s swimsuit cut – which is what is required for 11-12 girls & some 13-14’s.
^ These suits also come in a “brief” cut for boys – which can be a good, less expensive alternative for a first fast suit.
Speedo – Fastskin II*^,  FSII color*, LZR Pro Recorbreaker
Tier 3 (Range from $130-$250)
Only available in Kneeskins & Jammers
Speedo – LZR Pro Recordbreaker Kneeskin
Tier 4 (Range from $250-$500)
Sectionals & above
Only available in Kneeskins & Jammers
Speedo - LZR Elite 2 Kneeskin

Final Thoughts:
Please use good judgment with regard to amount of money spent on suits – these have to be sized MUCH tighter than normal suits for maximum efficacy and as a result, do not last very long . DO NOT PLAN TO GROW INTO A FAST SUIT.  Realize that they will only last  AT MOST  4 meets if your swimmer takes very very good care of it and uses it only when prescribed.  Spending $200 on a suit that your 12 year old will lose/rip/tear/grow out of may not be in your or your swimmer's best interest. 

And as always, BEFORE purchasing any fast suit please consult Coach Mike, Coach Gabe or Coach Stephen so there is no confusion.