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We use a progressive age group program designed to develop the child physically, mentally and emotionally in a systematic fashion. A well defined, long term approach of gradually increasing degrees of commitment is essential to reach peak performance levels during a swimmer’s physiological prime. The emphasis in the early stages of participation must be placed on developing technical skills and a love for the sport. In the later years, a more demanding physical and psychological challenge must be introduced to the training program. In respect "too much too soon" is more often the cause of failure to achieve maximum potential in senior swimming than in the reverse situation.

In addition to emphasizing long-term rather than short-term results, it is also important that we establish training groups of swimmers who are compatible in respect to abilities, commitment levels and goals. Unfortunately, this is not always the most convenient approach to take, but it is always the most productive.

At each level, the goals and objectives are specific and directed toward meeting the needs of the swimmer and intended to allow our coaches to work more effectively within their practices, not to isolate or segregate.  The long term-goal of total excellence is always in mind. As each child is different, they will progress at their own rate. The coaching staff recognizes this fact by making team assignments based on a swimmer’s physical, mental and emotional level of development.

Assessments are ongoing throughout the season.  Our coaches always have your child’s best interest and long-term development in mind.  The decision to consider, initiate and approve a move is the responsibility of the coaching staff only.  When coaches move a child from one level to another, they use the 3-legged stool model to help them make their decisions.  Taken into equal consideration are the following:

  •  The emotional readiness of the child
  •  Actual age of the child
  •  Physical abilities of the child (training and meet performances)


If any one of these “legs” is not in place, the coaches believe it is not the best time to move your child.  That being said, when the coaching staff has observed that all 3 legs are in place, they will begin initiating your child’s move to a new and more appropriate squad.  As always, if you have any questions, please contact any of the BLUE WAVE Staff

Blue Wave Swim Team consists of nine squads and are described below. Should you have any questions about your child and the group they are in, please contact us at 703-729-0581 x 208


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Squad Descriptions

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BLUE Surfers Squad

Breakers Squads
CREST Squads

BLUE Crest Squad

TIDE Squads

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