Who is PEAK?


Central Chesapeake Swimming (PEAK) is a member of USA Swimming, the Olympic development program for competitive swimming. PEAK was one of five pilot programs in the state of Maryland started by American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) in 1988.

PEAK is a year-round competitive swim team that offers high quality professional coaching and technique instructions for all ages and abilities. We have taught over thousands of children to swim. Our philosophy is the universal emphasis of PEAK teaching young athletes the correct techniques of swimming and presenting the correct training program for each individual’s level of development. A swimmer who begins training with PEAK at an early age will follow a well-planned path of athletic development. 

Using United States Swimming Training Guidelines, swimmers will first master the fundamentals of stroke technique then move on to a program that builds endurance. We build the athletic base without which continued improvement cannot be assured.  Endurance and good stroke techniques are the foundation of successful swimming. While every level of the program is important; the general aim of the program is to ultimately prepare the swimmer for the Senior level of swimming. We strive to offer a program, which will compare favorably to any offered in the country. If, however, a swimmer should choose not to swim at the Senior level, PEAK provides alternative programs to meet the swimmer’s needs. 


We don't teach lessons.  We teach PEOPLE TO SWIM!