PEAK Swim Programs

 Central Chesapeake Swimming (PEAK) Programs


Central Chesapeake Swimming (PEAK) offers four swim programs that will fit any swimmer's need from learning to swim to Triathletes, and Fitness swimmers. We have taught thousands of persons to swim. Our vision is to provide a quality instruction, training, and competition at all ability levels, provide our athletes opportunities to learn the values of hard work, dedication, and self-discipline, promote physical fitness and encourage proper conditioning and health habits, and encourage peer and family participation.


Central Chesapeake Swimming (PEAK) Swim Club

Central Chesapeake Swimming is a year round Competitive Swim Program with the emphasis on Technique and Long Term Development. PEAK mission is to provide a quality swim program that fulfills the needs of instructional and competitive swimming at all levels. PEAK teaches its team members to become accomplished swimmers and persons of high moral character by instilling in young athletes the value of education, self-discipline, training, cooperation, responsibility and self-respect.

PEAK swim club consists of five groups: Age I/II, Age III, Pre-Senior, Senior, and National.  For more information on each group, age requirements, practices, and costs click on the Swim Groups tab on the website.  To set up a new swimmer evaluation, please click "PEAK Swim Club  Registration" tab.


SwimAmerica Competitive Stroke Clinic  

PEAK Competitive Stroke Clinic emphasis on freestyle and backstroke techniques and introduces the breaststroke and butterfly swim strokes. All learning is individually based. When your child passes the skills of a criteria for advancement they immediately begin working on the skills in the next level. For more information or to register, please click the "SwimAmerica" or "SwimAmerica Registration" tab.


SwimAmerica Learn to Swim Program

SwimAmerica was developed by the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) to provide the most professional and up to date techniques to “Teach America to Swim for Fun, Fitness, and Safety.” PEAK was one of the original 5 pilot programs beginning in 1988.

PEAK has taught thousands of children to swim and many to move into highly successful competitive swimming careers. PEAK is one of five locations in the state of Maryland that offers the program. For a list of SwimAmerica locations: Maryland. For more information or to register, please click the "SwimAmerica" or "SwimAmerica Registration" tab.


Masters Swimming Program

PEAK offers Masters swimming for Competitive swimmers, Triathletes, and Fitness swimmers. Using the most up to date drills and skills, we will allow you to swim more efficiently through improved stroke technique.  This will improve endurance and speed for Competitive swimmers and Triathletes.  Fitness swimmers will experience toning and weight management, improved cardiovascular health and conditioning. For more information, please email John Mason at with Subject line: Masters Swim Inquiry.