Long Course Season 2019!

What is Long Course?

Similar to Track and Field, where there is an indoor season and an outdoor season, competitive swimming has a short course season and a long course season.  As a year round competitive swimming program, DC Wave has two distinct seasons that we compete in as well - Indoor Short Course Yards and Long Course Meters.  Swimming competitions at the international, and now more frequently at the national level in the United States, are swum in a 50 meter pool.  Olympic swimming competitions are swum in a 50 meter pool as well. 

The Long Course Season is critical to preparing our swimmers for competitive swimming beyond DC Wave, and is a key component to team members taking the next step in their development as competitive swimmers.  Swimmers who participate in long course training and competition typically show improvements in areas such as muscular strength, muscular endurance, aerobic endurance, mental toughness, and confidence.


Important Note:  Long course training with DC Wave is not a learn to swim program, or swimming camp.  Training is in preparation for PVS long course competition and Fall short course competition only.   

There is NO ADDITIONAL COST for the Summer LC Season for DC Wave Swim Team Members; Booster Club membership is required for participation in swim meets.  

Pre-Senior and Senior Level Swimmers are required to attend Summer Long Course workouts and all meets designated for their training group.  

Age Group Select swimmers who wish to try out for Pre-Senior and have been invited to do so by the coaching staff are also required to attend Summer Long Course workouts and meets.  Consistent and regular attendance is required.

Long Course Training is not recommended for Developmental level swimmers. Please consult with your swimmers coach regarding other summer swimming options.

Long Course Training Schedule - Summer 2019

2019 Summer Long Course Season Training Schedule

  April 29th - May 23rd May 28th - June 14th

June 17th - August 9th

Age Group 1 & 2 Indoors @ Rumsey and Takoma 6-8 pm (M-F @ Banneker) 6-8 am (M-F @ Banneker)
Age Group Select 5:30-7:30 pm MWF @ Wilson | 6-8 pm TuTh @ Takoma and Rumsey 6-8 pm (M-F @ Banneker) 6-8 am (M-F @ Banneker)
High School & Summer Prep Indoors @ Rumsey and Takoma 5-7 pm (M-F @ Banneker) 6-8 am (M-F @ Banneker)
Pre-Senior & Senior 5:30-7:30 pm MWF @ Wilson | 4:45-7:15 pm @ Takoma TuTh 5-7 pm (M-F @ Banneker) 6-8 am (M-F @ Banneker)


  • Who: All registered DC Wave swimmers for the 2018-2019 season

Items Your Swimmer Should Have

  • Sunscreen (swimmers should apply sunscreen early and often)
  • Water (LOTS! Hydration is essential during the hot summer days at the pool)
  • Training equipment (fins, paddles, snorkels, kick board, pull buoy)
  • Workout clothes (gym shorts, t‐shirt, comfortable sneakers)
  • Breakfast or snack
  • Training swimsuit and drag suit (this can be an old suit worn over a training suit)
  • Towel
  • Tinted goggles (pack extra pairs just in case)
  • Caps (pack extras just in case)
  • A positive attitude, a strong work ethic, and a desire to improve!

Long Course Competition Schedule - Summer 2019

05/04-05/05 FISH Long Course Derby All Ages, All Groups George Mason University
05/19 DC Wave LC Tri Meet #1 All Ages, All Groups Wilson
05/31 - 06/02 MD State LC Champs Qualifying Times Required Rockville
06/23 DC Wave LC Tri Meet #2 All Ages, All Groups Wilson
07/07 DC Wave LC Tri Meet #3 All Ages, All Groups Wilson
07/11 - 07/14 PVS Open Champs Pre-Senior & Senior, Qualifying Times Required University of Maryland
07/11 - 07/14 PVS 12 & Under Champs 12 & Under, Qualifying Times Required Claude Moore
07/18 - 07/21 PVS 13 & Over Champs 13 & Over, Qualifying Times Required University of Maryland
08/01 - 08/04 USA Swimming Futures Championship Senior, Qualifying Times Required Geneva, OH
08/07 - 08/10 EZ Zone LC Championships Qualifying Times Required Richmond, VA