Thank you for your interest in the DC Wave Swim Team. Practices have resumed for returning swimmers from the 2019-2020 season only at this time. All new swimmers or swimmers from previous swim seasons must go through a tryout session, and be recommended for one of our training groups by a member of our coaching staff before being able to register.

Unfortunately due to the pandemic and subsequent space restrictions on pools and lap lanes issued by the DC Health Department and the Parks & Recreation Department, we do not have the available space and/or time slots to hold tryouts right now without cancelling practices for existing members. We hope to be able to hold tryouts in September as we prepare to start the 2021-2022 season, but at this time we do not know when exactly tryouts will be offered or if we will be able to do so.

Please continue to follow us on social media (Instagram and Twitter - @dcwave) for updates on team activities and offerings for new members. Once we have been approved to use more space and can schedule tryouts for new swimmers we will post that information on our Twitter and Instagram as well as on our team website.

Thanks again and stay safe!



The DC Wave Swim Team is a year round competitive swimming program for swimmers aged 6-18 years old. Swimmers compete both locally and nationally through Potomac Valley Swimming (PVS) and USA Swimming. Our coaching staff consists of USA Swimming and ASCA certified professionals. 

Swimmers should arrive at the pool 15 minutes before tryouts begin so they have time to change and check-in with the coaches. Coaches will give a quick orientation and a chance for both swimmers and parents to ask questions 15 minutes prior to tryouts. 

Each swimmer will need a tryout form. To speed up the process of tryouts, we ask that you print and fill out the top portion of the form and bring it with you to your designated tryout. Forms can be found below under "Important Documents".

Required equipment for tryouts:

  • swim suit
  • goggles 
  • swim cap for swimmers with long hair


Tryout Registration

Tryouts are for the Developmental, Age Group, and High School/Summer Prep groups ONLY.

Those interested in Junior Waves, or being assessed for swim lessons DO NOT need to participate in tryouts. This tryout is only for those interested in the year-round competitive swim team. Those interested in Junior Waves or Swim Lessons through DPR should contact the pool staff directly about being assessed.

We ask that you reserve your space for tryouts for the desired date and location of your choice. Tryout registration is required of all tryout participants. Because we are an in-demand team and we wish to give all interest participants a chance, we ask that you reserve only one ticket per swimmer trying out. 

Have a More Advanced Swimmer?

Individuals wishing to train at the Pre-Senior, or Senior level must have cut times equaling or better than the Pre-Senior/Senior cut times. These time standards can be found under the groups description (click here).

Swimmers who are interested in these groups should email Head Coach Robert Green ([email protected]) with the following information:

  • Name
  • Age and DOB
  • School
  • Current year in HS
  • Previous club team(s)
  • Best times
  • Reason(s) for swimming competitively and goals for this season

Swimmer Registration (after tryouts)

Tryouts are required for all new team members prior to registration. Registration for tryouts does not guarantee your swimmer(s) a spot on the team. Swim Coaches will assess swimmers based on knowledge of strokes and skill.

Swimmers that are recommended by the Coaching staff to join the swim team will be given further instructions on how to register with BOTH the DC Wave Booster Club and DPR. Registration with both is required to become a member of the DC Wave Swim Team. Those who do not make the team will be given further instructions on how to pursue other avenues of swimming.

Reduced Rate Application

A need based swimmer registration fee discount is available for DC residents ONLY. Please completed the “Reduced Rate Application” (below) and return to Robert Green via email ([email protected]) or in person at the Takoma Aquatic Center, to receive the discount. Please note that in order to receive the discount, we must have the paperwork in hand before registration. DPR does not allow retroactive refunds.

Important Documents

Tryout Form

Reduced Rate Application

DC Wave Brochure 2019-2020 


As a parent, what should I do before tryouts?
We recommend that all parents take a look at our team’s website and get a feel for who we are. Understanding the various training groups and the group requirements are important to understand the commitment competitive swimming requires. For parents wanting a more in-depth knowledge of our team, we advise you to look through our team handbook.

I no longer need my tryout registration, who do I contact?
If you no longer need your tryout registration and would like to open it back up to the public, please email Coach Mary ([email protected]) letting her know the name the tryout is registered under, and the date and location.

What time should I arrive to the pool at tryouts?
We recommend arriving to the pool 15 minutes ahead of time. This give kids a chance to get changed, and parents a chance to meet the Coaches who perform tryouts. 

Can I watch tryouts?
You are able to watch tryouts, but are not able to interact with your child during tryouts. During the tryouts, we will also have a representative of the booster club, and our team's registrar onsite to go over the basics of who we are, registration, and to answer general questions. 

What is the format for tryouts?
We cannot divulge what exactly we will go over in tryouts. However, you can expect to be tested on the 4 competitive strokes with some swimming jargon thrown in to see how much the participant understands.

What happens if I miss my tryout date?
If you miss your scheduled date for tryouts, you are able to come to another session. However, first priority will be given to those who are registered for that day. We will accept others only if we are not over capacity for the tryout session. We recommend emailing Coach Mary ([email protected]) in advance about a missing tryout date.

What if the tryout slots are all booked?
The first thing we advise is for people to check the tryout registration frequently. Sometimes people will drop their registration which will open up a ticket for tryouts.

Does it matter which site I choose for tryouts?
We recommend attending tryouts at the location which you would like as your primary location. The primary Coaches for each group will be there at their tryouts, but are not guaranteed to be in attendance at other locations. It is also important to note that not all groups are offered at each site:

  • Rumsey: Developmental I, Developmental II, Age Group I, Age Group II, Age Group Select, and High School/Summer Prep
  • Takoma: Developmental I, Developmental II, Age Group I, Age Group II, Age Group Select, High School/Summer Prep, Pre-Senior, and Senior
  • Turkey Thicket: Developmental I and II.

If I forgot a cap or goggles, will the Coaches have extras?
No. The only equipment Coaches will provide during tryouts are kick boards (if they will be used).