Senior Prep

Senior Prep/Performance Information 


Group Philosophy - This group is a significant progression from our age group program.  Swimmers will start to take a much large role in their development.  This requires the parents line of thinking to change from being the lead to the swimmer taking the lead.  Swimmers should take initiative in making their goals, emailing coaches, signing up for meets, making sure they have appropriate equipment, (I highlighted this because this was an issue last year), and keeping good records of their practice goals and daily performance.  

It is very important that the swimmers take this step and begin to "own" their swimming. I will pound into their heads they will swim, train, and race for themselves and not for your, me, or anyone else.  They need to be self motivated, just like they will need to be in the real world, which is what we are preparing them to do here but in the form of a sport and  training.  It is of no benefit to the swimmers if the parents continue to be the driving force behind any of these things.   They will not learn, they will not succeed, and they will not progress if WE do it all for them.  That may mean if they make a mistake, ie miss a meet sign-up, that they don't get to swim. They will use that to not forget the next time. 

 Senior Prep Practice and Goal Log

Equipment List

     Short Fins - good for free and fly kicking sets and longer free sets when needed. We have had good luck with the Arena short fins

     Snorkel - Finis , Speedo

     Kick Board

     Finis Tempo Trainer 

     Pull Buoy

Energy Zones - Dr. Sokolovas, PhD Director of Physiology USA Swimming