Yoga Instructor

 Mikael Davis

Hello there! I'm Mikael Davis, and I've been practicing yoga regularly since 2012. It's been my primary form of exercise since discovering that the incredible physical benefits of strength and flexibility are accompanied by useful tools to keep a calm, balanced mind throughout my daily life.

I was certified to teach in 2014 at Dhyana Yoga in Philadelphia after completing a 200 hour teacher training under the tutelage of John and Diana Vitarelli. I practice and teach vinyasa yoga, based in a style called Ashtanga. Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word that means connecting breath with movement. Consistent practice transforms the exercise into a moving meditation that allows us to be more focused, calm, and present.

I take a tailored, practical approach in my teaching style, noticing where each student's strengths, inflexibilities and fears are, and work to develop each individual's body intelligence so that they come to better understand themselves and find strength and peace when life's challenges arise.