Nutrition Advisor

 Shakeera Harden

Hello and Welcome! I am extremely excited to work not only with all of the children but also with you, the parents. My plan is to make cooking and nutrition not only educational, but also fun.

I attended Virginia State University where I majored in Hospitality Management with a minor in Culinary Arts. Food has always been my passion. During my college career, I interned with the Girl Scouts of America, where I and two other interns were responsible for creating three meals a day for a little over fifty girls ranging in age from five to fifteen, and a staff of forty camp counselors. The camp sessions were only a week long, Sunday to Friday, after which we would receive another group of girls. Over the summer we received over four hundred, all with various eating habits and allergies that we had to treat and cater to in certain ways. 

After receiving more than one girl with extreme food allergies within a two week period, I decided to take full responsibility of all foods created, cooked, stored, and served to all children with any special food requests. It was during this time that I learned how important it was to ensure that children received the correct amount of nutrients regardless of condition. Each child is unique and should be fed as such. 

My plan is to use balanced, easy to create recipes to not only teach your children, but to show how much fun food can be. The earlier they learn to take care of themselves, the easier it will be to do so. All items that the children make will be able to be taken home with an accompanying recipe so you can recreate them later. A family who cooks together stays together.

I am looking forward to meeting each and every one of you!