Meditation Mondays

Meditation Monday's

I am most inspired by my swimmers when I can clearly see their passion. As a coach, it is saddening to see when your swimmers undoubtedly give their all in the pool, but are frustrated when their performance is less than their own expectations. This forced me to reevaluate each swimmers individual performance. The common theme seemed to resonate with poor flexibility. Therefore, to emphasize the importance of mental and physical focus and recovery and to combat feelings of doubt and frustration, we developed Meditation Mondays.  

The first Monday of every month we will dedicate the entire practice to mental and physical recovery. Although the team is dedicating one day a month to yoga, we encourage every swimmer to continue yoga on a more frequent basis to your individual needs.

Student athletes will learn to:

  • Bring awareness to their bodies, which will increase blood flow necessary for the body to recover and relax. This allows them to focus on their level of range and physical development to be healthier individuals. 
  • Increase flexibility and balance. Athletes will increase their range of motion and control of the water. They will be able to push themselves further because of the preventative stretching and post workout recovery. Distance per stroke is increased and kick population is magnified all through yoga, body awareness, and muscle recovery.
  • Increase focus, which improves time management skills. This will help swimmers ability to study after a long practice and relax before taking standardized test.

This time will be dedicated to emphasizing the importance of bodily prevention and recovery that must be done in your personal time to protect yourself and to maximize your capabilities.