Societal Saturdays

Societal Saturday's

Manta DNA is a family of individuals who study, work, and live in a community. As members of this team, we should be active members of our community. We will expose the athletes to local, regional, and worldly experiences and opportunities. This means athletes will be introduced to professionals/mentors such as artists, police officers, radio show producers, martial art instructors, computer programmers, and civil servants, just to name a few. Athletes will take advantage of networking with successful entrepreneurs and learn how to integrate  this exposure into their future and surrounding communities. We want every swimmer to learn how to be disciplined and determined in the water and on deck to achieve their goals.

Swimming is only one element of life. We are all of this world and we must all see how we fit into it and how we can use our relationships to contribute to the advancement of it. Although we look to make a mark in the pool we should have a desire to make social mark on the world. This will be the foundation of which that confidence and leadership is built upon.