2019 -20 Financial Policy

Financial Policies

The registration fee of $100/swimmer ($25/swimmer Age Group 1) is nonrefundable.

  • Payment methods
    • Full year payment due September 15th.
    • Installment plan
      • ​STG, JTG - 10 month installment plan
      • Age Group Program, Competitive Mini, Beginner Mini - 8 month installment plan
    • Payments should be mailed to MSSC, PO Box 160, Laurel, MD 20725
    • Credit card (subject to convenience fee) in person. Contact the office.
  • Late Payment
    • Monthly installment payments are due on the 15th; if not received by the 24th of each month the account will be subject to a $30 late charge
    • Accounts over 50 days past due may have meet registration privileges suspended until brought current.
    • Accounts over 75 days past due may have training privileges suspended until brought current.
    • All 8 month installment plans must be paid in full by June 1st.
    • All 10 month installment plans must be paid in full by August 1st
  • Refund Policy
    • Prior to Sept 9 you may withdraw only having paid the registration fee
    • Sept 9 - Sept 23 will be a trial period in which swimmers may withdraw or change groups. Fees will be adjusted as needed or refunded if necessary
    • Sept 24 - end of year - You are now obligated for the year's program fees regardless if your swimmer is in the water, unless one of the waivers below apply:
  •  Waivers
    • Medical: Your account will be suspended (no training fees charged) while your athlete is not in the water or at dryland. A medical doctor’s note is required for this waiver.
    • Move away from the area: Please inform the Team Manager in writing as soon as possible. Unused Program fees will be credited and refunded or any balance due is expected to be paid before departure.
  • Returned check policy
    • The charge for a check returned from your bank is $20, which will be applied to your account. After two (2) such occurrences in a season, MSSC reserves the right to require alternate form of payment such as cashier’s check, money order or Credit card with convenience fee.
  • Discounts available to those enrolling in  the year-round programs (Sept – May or Sept - July)
    • Families with multiple swimmers may take 5% off the program dues for the lesser program fees for second, third swimmer, etc.
    • Once the family cap of $5500 has been reached, subsequent swimmers in the same family pay only $100 for athlete registration and pay applicable meet entry fees, dryland fees etc.
    • Referral incentive – Current members will earn a $20 credit per new swimmer they recruit to MSSC, provided the new swimmer signs up for a full year program and pays program fees in full. Credits will be applied when new swimmer’s account is paid in full.
    • Officials incentive – Credit to your account of $200 on June 1, 2019 for any new official who becomes certified and works at least 10 sessions at swim meets (at least half should be MSSC hosted meets).